12 Most Stunning and Most Recent Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations

Throughout the years, plenty of celebrities have undergone impressive before-and-after transformations. In recent years, it hasn’t stopped.  Stars are still working on being their best selves, and even in 2020 we saw some major transformations, with many celebrities shifting priorities during the pandemic to focus on wellness. Here are the most remarkable (and recent) celebrity weight loss transformations that you should know about.  

1. Adele

Recently divorced Adele is flaunting her new figure, and her ex-husband is probably somewhere counting his regrets. On a recent vacation to Anguilla, she revealed to a friend that she lost 100 pounds. We learned more about her lifestyle change from her trailer Camila Goodis, who said the singer gave up soda, sugar, and processed food, and added cardio and strength training.  

2. Ayesha Curry

This gorgeous, curvy wife of Steph Curry lost 35 pounds, and it doesn’t seem like she’s stopping anytime soon. The mother of three and cookbook writer sticks to a lean protein and veggie-based dinner. She says that her favorite ingredients are Brussel spouts, broccoli, and asparagus, which she roasts to maximize char and flavor. Light weights and bike rides with the family are how she stays active.

3. Rebel Wilson

This comedienne has been on a weight loss journey for years, but 2020 was the year when she shed a drastic amount of pounds. She dubbed it “The Year of Health” on Instagram. Today, she stays hydrated and is avoiding sugar and junk food. Seven days a week, Rebel works out with Jono Castano, and one of her favorite routines is the ropes and other HIIT moves.

4. Ariel Winter

When Ariel Winter was on Modern Family, she was never fat. Just a little plump in an endearing way. Apparently, her anti-depression medications led to her keeping on the weight, no matter how much she worked out, and finding the right mental health meds allowed her to shed the weight more easily. In 2019, she revealed her new va-va-voom body. 

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