12 Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Best Looks


We all grew up with those cheesy but awesome Olsen Twins movies. We loved watching their adventures on screen, and it made all of us wish we had a twin sister. And as we watched those two adorable little girls grow up on the screen we also watched their style change and form. They went from cute kids who wore matching outfits to stylish teens who strived for individuality to the ultimate boho-chic we’ve come to associate them with. These days whenever they’re out together they’re almost always dressed to compliment each other, not identical, not necessarily contrasting, but just coordinated enough to fit together without matching exactly. Let’s take a look at some of the best Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen looks in no particular order.

Back In 1996

Mary-Kate and Ashley
Olsen in 1996, proving that you can be a fashion icon even as a kid. But
seriously if Instagram was a thing back then they would definitely be the most
popular influencers ever. 

CFDA Awards 2018

This is what we mean by
matching but not identical. Both are wearing black and looking sleek AF, but
Mary-Kate went for a military belt to cinch in the waist, while Ashley went for
a more feminine, elegant blouse.

WSJ Magazine 2018 Innovator Awards

Ashley Olsen went for a
white baggy look, while Mary-Kate went for black with a pop of color. Those red
snakeskin shoes are everything.

CFDA Fashion Awards 2017

The twins attend the
CFDA fashion awards at Hammerstein Ballroom. They went for a classic combo yet
again. Black and white definitely works for them. Ashley wore a black
floor-length slightly gothic but modern and dress and beachy waves while
Mary-Kate chose to go for a chic oversized button-down and slicked hairdo.

Met Gala 2018

The theme was Heavenly
Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination. And in our opinion, the twins
delivered a god-like boho look. All beautifully fabrics and pretty jewels. They
look like they belong in a painting.

Met Gala 2014

We loved the reunited
Mary-Kate and Ashley on the Met Gala red carpet of 2014. Look how freaking
gorgeous they look. And those dresses are so chic and sophisticated.


Met Gala 2015

The posing on the stairs, the all-black-everything outfits, the textures of their dresses – everything about these two is perfect. The theme that year was China: Through the Looking Glass.


In case you forgot, the
theme of Met Gala that year was Manus X Machina: Fashion in an Age of
Technology. But Olsen twins have made it their thing to just dress the way they
want. However, you can kind of see how the pattern on Ashley’s gold number
could be vaguely tied to the theme.

Met Gala 2017

“Rei Kawakubo/Comme des
Garcons: Art Of The In-Between” themed MET Gala was a huge success for the
Olsen twins. Those stunning lace dresses looked amazing on them and this is
possibly the point in history where the Olsen boho-chic peaked.

At the Youth America Gala 2017

Another classy look from
our favorite twins. You can never go wrong with black and white. We especially
like the raw hem of Mary-Kate’s look. And did Ashley foresee the prairie
dressing trend back then?

Opera’s Gala Premiere 2011

Loving this dark and chic look from Mary-Kate and Ashley. The dark fabrics, the rich textures the few bun chunky jewelry pieces. These girls know what they’re doing, fashion is easy for them.

12. Met Gala 2019

And finally, for the Met Gala 2019, the Olsen twins found a way to stand out in a sea of colorful outfits and presented us with their own variation of camp. A full leather look. Mary-Kate went all black and Ashley added a pop of yellow to her leather look.

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