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12 Foods You’re Storing Incorrectly

we store our food automatically because of how we’ve been taught
and force of habit, but sometimes, storing your food in the wrong
spot can affect how long your ingredients last, and how good they

Coffee Beans

refrigerating your coffee – it kills flavor and brings moisture,
both of which can ruin a good cup of coffee. Instead, keep them on
the counter in a bag, can, or sealed jar. Long term, you can freeze
beans if you want.

 Coffee Beans | 12 Foods You’re Storing Incorrectly | Her Beauty


tempting to showcase a rosy bowl of apples on your kitchen counter
for guests, but keeping them in the fridge can extend shelf life.
Make sure to put them in a plastic bag as they produce a ripening gas
which can cause other veggies to go bad faster.

Apples | 12 Foods You’re Storing Incorrectly | Her Beauty

Herbs and spices

people keep their dried spices and herbs over the stove or
refrigerator, but moisture, heat, and light can break down flavorful
oils. Avoid the heat (your fridge has a warm motor) and keep it in a
separate drawer instead.

Herbs and spices | 12 Foods You’re Storing Incorrectly | Her Beauty


but that trail mix can’t stay at room temp for more than a couple
of weeks. Due to the oils in walnuts, pecans and almonds, they need
to go to the fridge after that time frame, where they will last up to
nine months.

Nuts | 12 Foods You’re Storing Incorrectly | Her Beauty

Maple syrup

people think that storing pure maple syrup and artificial varieties
call for the same storage methods. However, it’s important to store
pure maple syrup in the fridge, where it has an expiration date of
six months. The fake stuff can stay in the cupboards.

Maple syrup | 12 Foods You’re Storing Incorrectly | Her Beauty

Brown Sugar

you normally keep your brown sugar in the fridge thinking that it
will preserve the moisture? And do you still find issues with it
hardening? That’s because the trick to moist brown sugar is an
airtight container stores at room temp.


Brown Sugar | 12 Foods You’re Storing Incorrectly | Her Beauty

Hot sauce

that keeping your hot sauce at room temperature will make it go bad?
Don’t stress – hot sauce is safe at room temp for up to three
years, so you can save some much needed space in that condiment area
of the fridge.

Hot sauce | 12 Foods You’re Storing Incorrectly | Her Beauty


might seem like common sense to put your tomatoes in the fridge, but
it can really sacrifice flavor and give it an unsavory, mealy
texture. Keep them juicy and meaty by placing them on the counter,
but not in a bowl – one rotting will cause a domino effect with the

Tomatoes | 12 Foods You’re Storing Incorrectly | Her Beauty

Raw Meat

keep raw megaton the top shelf – even though it spoils quickly and
you want it to be visible, raw meat can contaminate other foods with
leaks, so it’s better to place it on the fridge’s lowest shelf.

 Raw Meat | 12 Foods You’re Storing Incorrectly | Her Beauty

Olive Oil

most common place that people store their olive oil is in a clear,
glass bottle next to the stove, keeping it handy for cooking.
However, heat and sunlight oxidize oil fast, diminishing flavor and
giving a bit of a rancid taste. Keep it in the pantry away from
extreme temperatures.

Olive Oil | 12 Foods You’re Storing Incorrectly | Her Beauty


an unripe avocado in the fridge, even if its well on its way to
ripening, can stop this fruit from its full ripening cycle. Keep it
in room temperature and if you want to speed up the process, place it
on the windowsill in a brown paper bag. Store cut avocado by covering
it in a bit of lemon or lime juice to stop browning.

 Avocado | 12 Foods You’re Storing Incorrectly | Her Beauty

Onions and garlics

A mesh basket in the pantry is theist way to store these pungent ingredients. You might have remembered your mom throwing them in the fridge to extend shelf life, but they need air circulation to stop them from getting soggy, so take them out of the crisper drawer!

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