12 Fashion Trends Made Popular By Gigi Hadid

Any fan of Gigi Hadid will tell you that she’s way more than just a model. She’s a trendsetter, she’s an inspiration, she’s a style guru. She’s always making bold choices when it comes to fashion and she likes to push the envelope. It’s Gigi that we have to thank for making some of our favorite things popular. And if you can’t quite recall exactly what clothing items and accessories she made popular – let us remind you.

1. Statement Backpacks
Remember when you used to feel either like a schoolgirl or like you’re going on a camping trip when you wore a backpack outside? Well now we can all sport comfortable and convenient statement backpacks with any outfit, because Gigi made it fashionable.

2. Suede Boots
Listen, before Gigi started wearing suede boots we all believed their time was over. We thought they would go out of fashion never to return again. But it seems like Gigi made it a mission of hers to never let go of suede boots, and therefore we can enjoy them too. For as long as we wish.


3. White Winter Coat
White clothing isn’t the most practical thing to wear, and there’s also some weird superstitions about wearing white at certain times of the year. But we were very happy to see that Gigi just doesn’t give a damn about those things. She gave us all permission to wear white winter coats, because it’s freaking cute, ok?

4. Black Denim Jackets
We haven’t seen black denim jackets in years, and we’d still be missing out on this trend if it wasn’t for Gigi. I mean, we’re all used to blue denim jackets, they’re everywhere, but Gigi made the black ones popular and we’ve got to say thank you for that. They’re way cooler looking, don’t you think?


5. Long Flannel Cardigan
I love cardigans, I especially love super long cardigans. I also love flannel shirts, that lumberjack esthetic is my jam, however I tend to look a bit weird in flannels. But it looks like Gigi just solved my problem by combining all three of these things into one long flannel cardigan. What’s not to love?

6. Turtle Necks
This was a bold move. We gotta say we weren’t looking forward to turtlenecks in 2018. I think it’s fair to assume most of us were very happy to forget about those things as soon as our parents allowed us to dress ourselves. But Gigi managed to make them look cool, tucked into high waisted jeans so we gave them another try and love it!



7. Bomber Jackets
Bomber jackets were never going out of style, but Gigi definitely showed us that they can be worn with any outfit and that they can be sporty, casual and even very fancy and classy if you have the right kind.

8. Ballet Flats
Ballet flats were the most comfortable shoes in the world and to be honest we kinda missed them. But until Gigi started wearing them it looked like they were going out of fashion and we didn’t dare to wear them. Thank Gigi, for bringing back a comfortable pair of shoes.


9. Slip Dress
Slip dresses are very 90s and we’re pretty sure Gigi was a baby during their peak popularity. However, this girl knows what’s good and she brought them back. They’re sexy, they’re cute, they’re simple yet elegant.

10. The 90’s Stuff
Listen, we don’t really know how to call it, but we love that Gigi enjoys 90’s throwback fashion. She might not remember it herself, because she was a little kid back then, but she clearly loves that esthetic and we love her for it.


11. Bucket Bag
You might hate or love the shape and look of bucket bags, but you’ve got to admit they’re convenient as hell. You can fit everything you need into them and they also bring back an element of nostalgia from your childhood don’t they?

12. Blazer Cape
Blazers are cool. Capes are incredibly awesome. But you know what’s super cool? Blazer capes. That’s right, she made it happen and we’ve never been happier about it. It’s classy and edgy at the same time, just like Gigi herself.

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