12 Easy Ways To Change Your Life For The Better Fast

Often, people look out the window, daydreaming about changing their lives. But there’s little things you can do that can quickly turn your life and luck around. Here are the small actions that will help contribute to the bigger picture.

1. Start being more honest, starting today. Not holding back what you think might not make you win the popularity content, but it will help you be more authentic and true to yourself. Honesty invites confidence and success to your life.

2. Accept your losses as mistakes and forget the idea of being a perfectionist. Making mistakes in the past means you’re less likely to make them in the future.


3. Similarly, accept your flaws. As soon as you start seeing them, the happier you’ll be with yourself, the more confidence and positive energy you’ll exude.

4. Forgive, but don’t necessarily forget or keep toxic people in your life. Holding onto grudges doesn’t make better anyone, but use your new wisdom to support yourself with good people that want the best for you. It’s ok to let go of those who let negativity into your life.


5. Go out of your comfort zone (within reasonable limits that don’t make you feel unsafe.) Conquer your fears and try something new every day.

6. Quit the job that you hate, even if you think it will make you a failure in other people’s eyes. The only failure that exists is not fulfilling your own happiness or at least giving it a chance. If being a barista gives you more joy than your boring office job, do it!



7. Start living your life with more balance. Go for a daily jog, take up a sport, or increase your mindfulness by doing some daily meditation.

8. Live with a little more spontaneity. Living in the moment can help you find happiness and focus on the present as opposed to the stressful aspects of the future. Being consumed by our daily problems makes us miss the beauty of a moment.


9. Sell your house and travel the world. A mortgage, bills and material goods might be the reason why you’re so bogged down and depressed all the time, but lightening up that load and backpacking around the world or traveling smartly can change your whole perspective.

10. Switch up your routine. Life may have gotten a bit boring if you always do the same thing, every day of the week. A little spontaneity within your comfort zone can really do wonders.


11. Try saying “yes” more often. This might sound cliché, but it will open up the possibilities in your life. Accept those invitations you usually turn down and stop making excuses as to why you’re not taking life by the horns and living it up.

12. Treat yourself. Whether that means a gourmet bar of chocolate or a mani-pedi, indulging in a small way can often turn things around and wipe away a whole lot of stress. It just has the uncanny ability to make life better. Especially chocolate.

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