12 Cute Facts About Kit Harington And Emilia Clarke’s Friendship


been on the same show for a decade, they’re good friends in real
life, sometimes lovers on screen. The fans desperately wanted them to
be together and in love, but alas that wasn’t in the stars. Yet
you’d have to be blind not to see the chemistry between Kit
Harington and Emilia Clarke, they do care for each other. So here are
12 cute facts about Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke’s friendship.

1. They Met In A Bar

You’d think most actors would first meet on set or at least during the casting process, but Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke met in a bar. However, it wasn’t exactly an accident. It was a bar in the hotel where most of the GOT cast was staying in Belfast and Emilia was introduced to Kit by his on-screen brother played by Richard Madden.

2. Kit Liked Emilia Immediately

Kit has admitted in interviews that he was quite taken with Emilia from the moment she walked into the room. He said that she has a very breathtaking effect on people, so you don’t have to spend ages having awkward conversations. They became friends right away.

3. It’s Not Physical

While everyone can appreciate both Kit’s and Emilia’s good looks it wasn’t physical appearance that drew them to each. They just connected on a mental level. Emilia has been described as a very sweet and caring person but apparently, she’s got a very filthy mind when she wants to and her sense of humor is just the best. So no wonder they became friends.

4. They’re Like Siblings

The way Kit’s and Emilia’s friendship is going is very adorable. They’re like siblings, they love each other dearly but they will also make fun of each other and annoy each other for entertainment. They have too many inside jokes to count and we wish we could be part of their friend group too.

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