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12 Cozy Fall Breakfast Ideas

the season changes, the leaves turn and the weather gets more chilly,
a warm, delicious breakfast gets even more inviting. Whether you are
having breakfast in bed on an easy breezy Saturday morning, or
cooking up something quick before work, there are so many tasty fall
inspired dishes to try. From pumpkin spiced to cinnamon sweets, you
will absolutely fall in love with the best autumn breakfast recipes.
Check out these 12 cozy fall breakfast ideas. 

sticky buns

and cinnamon combine for what is about to be your new favorite
breakfast recipe for fall. These sticky buns are extra sweet with
drizzled pecan sauce oozing all over. 

Pecan sticky buns | 12 Cozy Fall Breakfast Ideas | Her Beauty

and cheddar casserole

savory dish partners up two breakfast stapes, sausage and cheese, for
a hearty, delicious breakfast dish that you can nibble on throughout
the week.

Sausage and cheddar casserole | 12 Cozy Fall Breakfast Ideas | Her Beauty

hash browns

Swiss take on hash brown contains every ingredient you’d ever want
in a breakfast dish: bacon, eggs, cheese, rosemary and even pasta. In
one version of this dish, you can even get your breakfast and morning
caffeine dose in one bite, as it calls for coffee as well. 

Swish hash browns | 12 Cozy Fall Breakfast Ideas | Her Beauty

potato biscuits

fluffy sweet potato biscuits slathered in a delicious homemade honey
butter? You’ll want this dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Sweet potato biscuits | 12 Cozy Fall Breakfast Ideas | Her Beauty


you’ve never tried monkey bread, this fall is your perfect
opportunity to fall in love with this classic pull-apart dish. Monkey
bread is simply bite-size rolls packed tightly and cooked together in
a bundt pan, and covered in a sticky, delicious brown sugar blaze. 

Monkey bread | 12 Cozy Fall Breakfast Ideas | Her Beauty


you like a Danish
with your morning coffee, pumpkin scones will now be at the top of
your list. These scones are made with cinnamon, ginger, cloves and
nutmeg, and finished with a delectable pumpkin glaze. 


Pumpkin scones | 12 Cozy Fall Breakfast Ideas | Her Beauty

spiced banana bread

are in for a calming, deliciously soothing, aromatic treat with this
recipe –
combines chair spices like cardamom, allspice, ginger and cinnamon
with the classic and mouthwatering taste of banana bread. 

Chai spiced banana bread | 12 Cozy Fall Breakfast Ideas | Her Beauty

baked oatmeal

amish-style is a comforting casserole style dish, that is the same
thickness as a bread pudding. It is usually combined with apples,
raisins, and various fruits, finished with a crunchy nut topping. 

Amish-style baked oatmeal | 12 Cozy Fall Breakfast Ideas | Her Beauty

coffee cake

coffee cake topped with a sweet cinnamon crumble will be the perfect
addition to your morning cup of joe on the go. 

Cinnamon coffee cake | 12 Cozy Fall Breakfast Ideas | Her Beauty

and walnut frittata

with eggplant, walnuts and onions, this hearty Azari dish is great
for a family gathering or enjoyed multiple mornings as a personal
dish. It can be eaten as an appetizer or cut into larger portions as
a main dish. 

Eggplant and walnut frittata | 12 Cozy Fall Breakfast Ideas | Her Beauty

pancakes with dulce de leche

recipe takes pancakes to the next level, with soft apples baked into
pancakes, and drizzled with sweet and rich dulce de leche. 

Apple pancakes with dulce de leche | 12 Cozy Fall Breakfast Ideas | Her Beauty

whole wheat waffles

If you love the crispness of waffles, then you’ll never make them again without adding sourdough. Adding this secret ingredient to waffles surprisingly adds an extra layer of crisp, as well as giving an airy lightness that is exquisitely tasty. 

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