12 Best Girlfriends/Wives According to Zodiac (From Worst to Best)

People use Zodiac signs to guide a lot of things in their lives – even romantic partners. Here are the signs that are found the most frustrating to date, to the most alluring.

1. Scorpio

Don’t get stung by this hurricane of a sign. They like to be in control in their own relationships – all of them. They’re also super blunt so if you’re a sensitive person, this might not be the right boo to engage with. They’re not necessarily mean-spirited – just very realistic, and they have high standards. If you betray them, don’t expect forgiveness.

2. Virgo

Virgos are known to be quite critical of themselves – a lack of confidence can sometimes make it tough for Virgos to think that they’re good enough for their partner. Jealousy is a big red flag that often appears in this sign, and combined with their need for perfectionism, it can make for some self-destructive behavior.

3. Aries

Have a first date with an Aries that goes well, and by the second date they’ll be moving in their plants and asking for a drawer. Apart from this need to move fast, they like to get the upper hand in a situation. Both of these things are sometimes scary and even a turn off to men. Through their tough outside is a soft inside, like a caramel candy, but when they say words in a fight, they sure can be slicing.

4. Taurus

Although this sign doesn’t play games, they’re very independent and happy with their lives as is, regardless if a romantic partner is by their side. Don’t try to rush them or slow things down because a Taurus will do things at the exact pace that they need to. If your turn on is an independent and fierce spirit, a Taurus gal might be rich for you.

5. Cancer

This compassionate sign wears their heart on their sleeve, and it leads to them being manipulated in relationships. This then causes trust issues, which makes relationships with them difficult. You need to be patient with this sign who wants love as much as she fears it. A Cancer can sometimes get in her own way, when it comes to what could be a flourishing relationship.

6. Leo

This sign watches too many romantic comedies and their expectations can be… unrealistic, to say the least. They fall for the bad boys who don’t put in effort, and most of their frustrations arise from too much give and not enough take. Although confident, her decision making skills are not the best.


7. Aquarius

This middle-of-the-road sign is usually weird, but they don’t make the worst girlfriends. They’re smart, quirky, and lovers of intellectual minds. It’s hard to gain their loyalty, but they’re a true ride or die one you do. They often see flaws as a positive and might shower your with love, while their self-love is a little murkier. If you are patient with an Aquarius, you will reap the benefits.

8. Gemini

Ah, the Jackal and Hyde of Zodiac signs. A Gemini woman has two very different sides to her – one side is a social butterfly with outgoing tendency, and the other side is a bit darker and reclusive. They might try to conceal this side to romantic interests, but their trust and loyalty makes it worst it. The love hard but often put on a tough face.

9. Libra

A Libra will always value balance, avoiding conflict sometimes to an unhealthy point. You might have to go to therapy with a Libra, because they’re used to swiping issues under the rug rather than only talking about them. They can be very charming and sociable which can be interpreted as overly flirtatious by a romantic partner. If you’re at all jealous, dating a Libra is going to be a rollercoaster.

10. Capricorn

Although this little lady can be quite stubborn and dominant, she helps her partners flourish, but expects them to bring out their best self when they’re around her. She always defends her loved ones (even when they’re not in her presence) but can sometimes be hard to read and a bit guarded. If you do win her heart over, consider yourself rare.

11. Sagittarius

This sign can be her own worst enemy in terms of being judgmental – about herself! She puts aside her needs, which sometimes isn’t the healthiest thing to do. However, she’s always passionate and never boring. She’ll love you hard and think deeply about everyone she cares for.

12. Pisces

This sign is shy, making them hard to know romantically. You might be drawn in by this mystery, and once you gain some more of their trust, they’ll be your number one fan and cheerleader. They have a way of getting to know people at the heart of their essence, past what they say and do. They are sensitive and can read energy, and don’t often engage in fights.

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