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12 Best And Worst Summer Foods

Summer is that
special season of the year when you have a huge choice of fruits and
veggies to eat healthy every day, but there are also things like ice
cream sandwiches, sweet drinks packed with sugar and calories, and a
bunch of other staple summer foods you should avoid at all costs.
This is the time to reconsider your diet, experiments with smoothies,
create mouth-watering fruit bowls, and simply enjoy all the vitamins
and nutrients that go with fresh summer produce. Here are 12 best and
worst summer foods.


Mango is
generally considered the King of Fruits and for a reason! Mango is
pulpy, sweet, refreshing, a bit tangy. It creates a perfect base for
cooling summer drinks and desserts that taste like heaven. Apart from
that, mangoes aid in digestion, boost immunity due to Vitamin C,
promote eye health as well as gut health.

Snow Cones

Eating a slushy
snow cone might seem like a good idea on a hot summer day, but
believe when we say that you don’t want to go anywhere near this
summer treat. Snow cones are made of corn syrup, a bunch of sugars,
and shaved ice. There’s nothing good in them whatsoever! Instead
opt for a popsicle made out of actual fruit juice.


Watermelon is yet
another perfect summer fruit that is a powerful antioxidant and can
be turned into a variety of yummy goodies like fruity popsicles or
cooling watermelon ice cubes. It is the only fruit that will restore
your water balance and hydrate every part of your body. It’s like
water, only tastier!

Hot Dogs

According to the
World Health Organization, processed meats like the ones you have in
hot dogs are as dangerous to your health as asbestos and tobacco.
Studies reveal a that compounds found in sausage casing cause
colorectal cancer. A sandwich with a chicken breast will be a much
safer option!


Yoghurt is the
best treat when it comes to summer snacking. It’s packed with
protein that keeps your tummy satiated for a long time and reduces
cravings for friend and salty snacks. It’s low on fat, but rich
with probiotics that promote gut health and improve digestion.
Yoghurt also tastes amazing in combination with fruits and become a
perfect base for you summer smoothie.

Sugar-Free Ice Cream

Yes, it’s sugar
free, but to make this kind of ice cream tasty or at least edible,
manufacturers pack it with so many chemicals that you’ll need a
week of detox smoothies to get one such ice cream get out of your
system. Sorbitol reduces the level of water in your body and dries up
your intestines, while inulin that is used instead of fat, causes
bloating and gases. Better go for one small serving of Gelato –
it’ll be much tastier and heathier than any sugar-free abomination
on the market.



Melons are rich
with vitamins A and C, which improve both your immune system and
eyesight. Eating muskmelons regularly will also give your skin a
healthy glow, all the while fighting off harmful bacteria. Eat a
chunk of muskmelon with your breakfast or add it to your fruit
smoothie – it tastes amazing either way!

Bottled Iced Tea

Remember this –
if it’s sweet, liquid, and you see it on the shelf in a
supermarket, then just skip it! This is a general rule of thumb when
it comes to summer drinks like soda, juice, and seemingly harmless
options like iced tea. They all contain artificial sweeteners that
only make you crave more sweets. And water that your body actually
needs becomes beyond boring and you skip it more than you should.
Better create your own iced tea with no sugar and a bit of lemon for
a rejuvenating effect.

Salads With Leafy Greens

And not just any
leafy greens, but dark leafy greens like our favourite spinach and
kale. They contain carotenoids and vitamin A that protect your skin
from harmful UV rays, while moisturizing your skin and improving its
overall health. Add some carrots and apricots for an extra boost of

Ice Cream Sandwich

You’ve probably
noticed that most ice creams aren’t a very healthy food and most of
the time contain ingredients that are really bad for you. Ice cream
sandwich here is packed with saturated fats and contains at least
half of your daily calorie intake. Well, if you’re fine with eating
just two ice cream sandwiches per day then it’s totally okay!


A great source of
healthy fats, avocados are amazing no matter how you look at it. It’s
nutritious and will keep your hunger at bay for a long time. It
contains around 20 vitamins and minerals, as well as fibre that keeps
your gut healthy. It also packs some really powerful antioxidants and
can lower cholesterol levels. It’s just too good!

Charred Meats

If you’re into summer barbecues, we have bad news for you. Charred meats, chicken, and fish are a big no-no for those of you who want to eat and be healthy this summer. Animal proteins that go through a high-temperature cooking process create chemicals that are responsible for certain types of cancer. If you’re worried about your protein intake, try including more grilled veggies into your diet. Proteins can also be obtained from grains, legumes, dairy, and whatnot.

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