11 Tricks To Take Care Of Your Weight For Holiday Season


Holidays are everyone’s favorite time of the year, but it’s also when we’re most likely to pile on the pounds due to a buffet-like abundance of unhealthy options. Here are some ways to keep the inches off your waistline during the holidays, but still have a blast.

Stay active throughout the festivities. Before the big meal of the night, sneak in a jog or a game of football with the family. Lounging and eating excessive food can definitely lead to weight gain, so even a walk will make a difference and make for some good bonding time.

Snack smart instead of grazing mindlessly on junk food and other toxic treats that waste calories you need to save up for the main course an dessert. Avoid gingerbread cookie overloads by snacking on grapes or almonds.

Don’t stress. We know, this is somewhat ironic to ask for on the holidays. But stress equals high cortisol, which causes weight gain, especially when you have countless tasks and snack options to binge on. Take a break and meditate or try some yoga.

Eat everything you want, but keep the portions reasonable. This way, you meet the cravings but don’t have food baby triplets and the dreaded after bloat.

Chew slowly. It takes our bodies up to half an hour to realize that we’re full, so avoid the urge to vacuum your food and eat slowly to better recognize your body’s signs that tell you, “I’m full!”


Contribute a healthy dish instead of bringing something extremely indulgent. That way, even if the table is carbo and sugar loaded, you’ll have a healthy option from home to load up on and align more with a balanced lifestyle.

Try not to go crazy with the soda, alcohol, punch or eggnog. These are the most high calorie culprits that are processed, packed with sugars, and worst of all, empty calories! Why not save it for a slice of that yummy pie rather than distractedly sipping on Coke refills?

Eat on a smaller plate. If there’s a tinier dessert or h’orderves plate available, eat on that. You’ll still be allowed to eat seconds, since we normally consume larger portions on larger plates, which leads to overeating.

Load up on proteins like roasted chicken or turkey (vegetarians, think quinoa or Tofurky) instead of mashed potatoes or other less nutritious options. The more protein, the more you’ll be satiated.

Try not to eat and watch TV. This is proven to lead to mindless eating and poor food choices, as well as commercials for unhealthy choices that can provoke desires. If you must watch a sports game, try to eat in a different room during commercial breaks.

Remember to drink water. Water helps make you feel full, hence consuming fewer empty calories. Don’t chug soda when you’re thirsty, but keep some water with lemon slices on hand token that metabolism going.

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