11 Trending Superfoods And How To Actually Eat Them


We’ve all heard the term ‘superfood’ and most of us have already included some of these yummy delicacies into our eating routines, but there are still lots of questions surrounding these foods, the most important being: “How do I actually eat this?”. Whether it’s the exotic Japanese matcha, the more familiar avocado, or the mysterious camu camu fruit, there are ways to prepare them that would turn these superfoods into the heavenly ambrosia you can munch upon 24/7. Here are 11 trending superfoods and how to actually eat them.

Blend it with a low-fat or non-dairy milk – and you’re good to go! Matcha has been on and off trend for the past few years, never quite leaving the health scene. This amazing green tea is packed with antioxidants and has more caffeine than coffee itself! You can usually find it in a form of green powder that you can mix into anything you want starting from healthy drinks and ending with nutrient-rich snacks.

Hemp seeds
Hemp seeds are a huge trend right now. Reason being? Not only do they improve your digestion, but they are also packed with healthy rarities like amino acids, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and more vitamins than we can count. You can add them to your morning toast or oatmeal, mix into smoothies, or sprinkle on your salad.


Camu camu
The name of this fruit may sound a bit funny, but its benefits are beyond serious. From the rainforests of Peru, we present you camu camu, a superfood packed with more Vitamin C than any other fruit on Earth. It also has flavonoids, amino acids, and loads of potassium that helps our hearts and kidneys function better. The easiest way to eat this wondrous fruit is to buy its powder and mix it into your smoothie. Enjoy!

Non-dairy yoghurt
Have you heard about the new non-dairy coconut yoghurt? If you haven’t and want to try something healthy and yummy, then go ahead and mix some of that deliciousness with berries, granola, and a pinch of cinnamon to make a truly mouth-watering breakfast. Keep it in mind, though, that non-dairy yoghurts do not contain probiotics, so you’ll have to add them manually when you make your own coconut or almond yoghurt.


You’ve probably been eating avocado for ages, but did you know it’s also a superfood? This amazing fruit is packed with Vitamins C, K, E, healthy fat, and potassium. And the best part? It’s one of the most delicious things on Earth! Which means there are hundreds of ways to eat it, but our all-time favorite is a simple avocado-on-toast recipe. It’s a great breakfast, lunch, or snack, and can be garnished with all kinds of yummies like grilled tomatoes, basil, spices or eggs.


Fermented foods
How long has it been since you’ve last eaten sauerkraut or kimchi? We bet that for most of you the answer is ‘never’. Fermented foods like kimchi or sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) are incredibly beneficial for your gut health and digestive system in general as they are packed with good bacteria. Try eating a little bit of tangy kimchi with your sandwich, pasta, mashed potato, and basically any kind of dish. This added flavor will make your meals more piquant and finger-licking.


Non-dairy milk
Since eating and drinking organic became one of the biggest health trends a few years ago, we’ve seen our fair share of various non-dairy milks. You are probably familiar with almond milk as it is the base for most smoothies, as well as soy milk, rice milk, and hemp milk, but year 2018 is the year of oat milk! It’s a dream come true for all nutritionists and a real life savior for people with gluten sensitivity. You can add it to your smoothie bowl, make cocoa, bake yummy sweets, and prepare creamy soups.

If you want to take a break from meat or simply make your dishes more versatile, try incorporating lentils into your meals. They are packed with nutrients, protein, iron, and keep your blood sugar levels in check. You can make a lentil pasta sauce or prepare a hearty warm vegetable salad – rest assured, whatever you make with lentils will be filling and incredibly yummy!


Turmeric is a real superfood as it is used almost everywhere from DIY face masks to healthy teas and finger-licking curries. What makes turmeric so special? It contains anti-inflammatory agents, it makes your skin healthy by keeping acne-causing bacteria at bay, and it has antioxidant properties. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg! You can use turmeric literary everywhere – with detox drinks, creamy carrot or pumpkin soups, with your morning eggs or in marinade for your barbecue.

If you love sweets, but want to eat less sugar, dates will certainly become your favorite new superfood. Not only do they taste like caramel, dates also contain potassium, calcium, vitamins, iron, fibre, and all kinds of minerals. Use them with any dessert you can imagine from cookies to sweet bars and creamy cakes.


Did you know you could not only eat mushrooms, but also drink them? That’s right! They’ve been doing it for hundreds of years in the East, and now it’s time for Western people to enjoy the incredible benefits of mushroom teas as well. Mushrooms are known to boost the immune system, reduce stress, and even help lose weight! Look for mushrooms like reishi and indie organic brands like Buddha Teas and Moon Juice in your local eco shops. You won’t regret it!

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