11 Things You Never Knew About Chrissy Teigen


Supermodel Chrissy Teigan serves up fierce angles and is married to smoldering singer John Legend. But what else do you know about her? She’s known for her hilarious tweets (although some of them may have gotten her under fire recently) and her sense of humor is clearly her strong suit outside of looks. But besides her funny-girl vibes, we don’t know too much about the Chrissy Teigan backstory. Here are the unknown tips to brush up on now.

  1. Her childhood was spent moving around.

When she was a kid, her family moved everywhere. Even though she was born in Delta, Utah, she didn’t grow up there. Instead, she spent years in a few states including Washington, Hawaii, Idaho and California.

2. In classic cool girl form, she worked at a surf shop

Unlike a lot of models who come from wealth, she had to work for a surf shop. Way cooler than our first retail job! She got this job at 18, on Huntington Beach, where her family finally settled.

3. She got discovered at the surf shop

Amazingly, while she was working at the surf shop, she got discovered by a photographer. He happened to have connections, and once he saw her potential, her success skyrocketed, with this as the defining moment that her beauty was publicly recognized.

4. Her favorite word is a swear word

If you thought that swearing wasn’t ladylike, then you’re wrong, because Chrissy Teigan is an incredible lady, and she swears like a sailor. Her favorite word is the F word, and it’s famous enough for you to probably guess what it is. When she’s interviewed, she has to be careful with her words, since this one seems to pop up quite easily.

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