11 Most Attractive Weather Girls On TV

Weather is boring, but still, millions tune in daily for the forecast. Perhaps that’s because the human telling us about the weather is drop-dead gorgeous and holds that attention span a little longer. Many of these women had roots in pageants, while others maintained a lifelong interest in meteorology. Here are the most attractive weather girls to grace our televisions. 

1. Yanet Garcia

Yanet’s dresses are more famous than her forecasts, as indicated by her multi-million member fanbase. It’s true — Garcia is a perfect 10 from head to toe, and it would be hard to not focus on her genetically blessed face and body when she’s delivering the weather. Yanet Garcia has worked for Televisa Monterrey News, and is the #1 most recognized beautiful meteorologist, voted “World’s Sexiest Weather Girl” by many.

2. Ximena Cordoba

Delivering weather out of Colombia, the breathtaking weather girl got her beginnings as an actress, reality television star, and model, She went viral online thanks to her outfits and flirty style of presenting the weather. She has nearly 2 million followers and has worked with everyone from TNT to Fox.

3. Susana Almeida

Susana is one of the most popular weather girls out of Jalisco, Mexico. After a live wardrobe malfunction, she went internationally famous in a viral moment. Like other Mexican weather girls, she wears outfits that are a little more revealing than her American counterparts. Apparently, they do it on purpose to get more views!

4. Evelyn Taft

This blond bombshell speaks Russian since her parents are from Moscow. But she also speaks Hebrew, English, and French. With a love for international culture, Evelyn started working for San Francisco Bay Area’s Mid-Peninsula Community Media Center. She’s lived all over the world and started as a weather girl, but is not an editor, director, and news anchor for KCAL.

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