10 Weird Types Of Yoga You Never Knew Existed


Most of you are familiar with yoga and know it to be an ancient Eastern practice beneficial for both body and soul. It incorporates various static poses (asanas), dynamic exercises, special breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation. Yet, as it often happens, people get bored with healthy things and try to turn them into something more fun. In the end we’ve got some pretty unexpected and unusual types of yoga you might (or might not) want to stay away from. Here are 10 weird types of yoga you never knew existed.

Rave Yoga
If you’re a fan of the club scene but want to do it in a healthier way, then rave yoga is exactly what you need. The session starts with the usual yoga goodies like breathing techniques and stretching, but then slowly turns into a party with club music, dancing, vegetarian cuisine, and non-alcoholic drinks. We don’t know whether it’s a good mix, but it sure does look vibrant!

Most of you have probably been doing it for ages, but now dog yoga is official and even has a name of its own. If you are not quite sure that your pet friend will be able to focus on the session of asanas, you’re not the only one. Yet founders assure that practicing this type of yoga is beneficial not only for humans’ health, but for dogs’ as well!


Karaoke Yoga
If you love yoga and singing and can’t live without the two, then karaoke yoga is your dream come true. It’s not too strict about poses, but you will still have to be focused and find your balance, all the while singing your heart out with a bunch of other people. There are screens, lyrics to follow, and as much fun as you can have with this type of experience.

Paddleboard Yoga
As if doing yoga on the ground wasn’t challenging enough… We present you paddleboard yoga on the surface of water! The S.U.P. (Stand Up Paddleboard) community came up with this fun new way to enjoy your yoga exercises on any body of water, be it a small pond or a huge sea. This type of yoga will turn you into a real balance pro! As always, keep one eye open for sharks who may want to interrupt your session.


Anti-Gravity Yoga
If doing yoga on the ground doesn’t cut it for you, then how about doing it all in the air? This is not your usual yoga, though, as it incorporates moves from contempt, gymnastics, and Pilates. Hop into an anti-gravity hammock and see where it takes you!


Mommy & Me Yoga
If you think babies can’t do yoga, well, you are right. But moms can! And there’s no reason they shouldn’t do it with their little ones, especially when it’s so healthy for them as well. Founder of Mommy & Me yoga classes explains that this type of yoga helps build a deeper connection between mothers and their babies both on physical and spiritual levels. It’s also fun!


Well, if you can do yoga with your dog, why not try doing it with a horse? This new equine yoga starts off with asanas and breathing techniques for both human and horse that do it alongside each other and after some time continues on the back of a horse. It’s a real balance challenge!


Laughter yoga
Laughter is incredibly good for our health, so why not do it more often? Paired with asanas and various poses, this voluntary laughter yoga is believed to be just as efficient as natural laughter. It relieves stress, boosts the immune system, and even burns calories. What’s not to like?

Harry Potter Yoga
If you think traditional yoga is challenging, then how about performing yoga with a wand in hand, while chanting some Harry Potter spells? Isabel Beltran is the genius behind these Harry Potter yoga classes and now, it seems, we’ll be seeing a lot more themed yoga sessions. Avengers yoga, anyone?


Hoop Yoga
Hula hooping your way through yoga asanas might seem like a really cool idea, but it can easily become stressful if you’re new to the whole hoop thing. Experts say this type of yoga strengthens your body on all levels, improves coordination, and boosts your immune system like nothing else. Does it actually work? We’ll have to try it to find out.

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