10 Ways to Wear a Winter Scarf


Winter time is all about bundling up, putting on a hat, a scarf, mittens and generally looking cosy and feeling warm. No one will judge you if you just wrap yourself like a burrito to keep warm. But if you want to find new ways to wear a winter scarf and see how you can be creative with it – just keep reading. There are so many different kinds of scarves you can wear in the winter, the possibilities really do feel endless, but so far we’ve compiled a couple that we thought looked super stylish.

1. Carelessly Draped
This is a classic, perfect for day when it’s not super cold and a scarf is simply an accessory, a way to add an extra layer to your outfit. Or you’re wearing one of those super warm scarves that will warm you up just by being carelessly thrown around your neck.

2. The Half Loop
Look super cool and effortless and works great with those massive oversized scarves.


3. The Full Loop
This is the most functional way to wear a scarf in our opinion. You get to actually stay warm, not have to worry about losing it and looking stylish and reasonable at the same time. This option is risk free.

4. Tucked Into A Belt
A nice way to add a layer but still be able to accentuate your silhouette. Plus you can visually elongate your form with a well chosen monochrome scarf, or add a bit of character with a colorful one.


5. Belted Poncho
Ponchos are not in fashion anymore, but this is a creative way around it. You can drape the scarf around yourself and get the same functionality, but with a fashionable twist thanks to the belt.


6. Secret knot
You can basically tie your scarf to look like it’s an infinity scarf, it looks very chic and classy. It’s a bit finicky, but with the method of try and error you’ll find your perfect secret knot.


7. Infinity Scarf
Infinity scarves are so convenient. You can just put it on or loop it around twice and feel like you’re engulfed in a warm hug all day.


8. Coordinated Scarf
Wearing a scarf of the same color as our coat or top is becoming a bit of a trend today. It’s quite an interesting look that adds dimension to your outfit without having to add too much color or texture.

9. Blanket Scarf
A blanket scarf draped around your shoulders is the best thing on a cold day. It provides you with the maximum amount of coziness and warmth. And you can always wear it as a shawl inside too.


10. Winter Head Scarf
When you hear headscarf you probably think of those silk ones in the style of Audrey Hepburn. But you can totally wear a warmer headscarf in the winter and look just as feminine and chic.

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