10 Ways To Turn a Road Trip Into a Luxury Adventure


Going on a road trip and roughing it doesn’t have to be synonymous with each other. There are ways to road trip and glam it up for a girls trip or romantic getaway. If the barebones definition of camping and living out of your car sounds less than ideal, these tips might be up your alley.

1. Instead of going with your everyday, boring vehicle, rent a luxury RV with modern amenities instead. There are tons of options with island beds, touch screen panels, stand up showers and other luxuries that are just like a hotel on the road.

2. On the other hand, it’s just two people and you prefer accommodations on land, rent the car of your dreams! Fulfill your fantasies and pretend to be a high roller for the weekend – roll up in a Porsche or Cadillac.


3. Take a break from riding on the road and indulge in a guided tour of the vineyard. Navigation is out of your hands for a bit and you can try out a decadent Merlot or crisp Pinot. Stay a safe driver and remember to stop at a hotel or bed and breakfast for the night!

4. Consider stopping at a resort such as The Four Seasons or Shangri La. If you don’t like the sound of a big chain, try stopping a local high-end hotel rather than the traditional Motel 66 style pitstop. You’ll be feeling like an A-Lister in no time.


5. Spending on how long your trip is, you could invest in the ultimate luxury. Hire a driver for the entire ride – you get to enjoy the scenery, get wasted, and take a bunch of selfies and enjoy your break from responsibility.


6. Go glamping if camping sounds too gross. Some canvas tents have chandeliers and bathrooms. Try Under Canvas retreats. Camping with the addition of good plumbing, lighting, and air conditioning might change your mind on if you’re a camping gal or not.


7. Try a different farm to table restaurant in every location you stop off at. Opt out of McDonald’s on this trip and instead try top notch, one of a kind restaurants in the locations you visit – it’ll be worth the memories. The Lost Kitchen in Freedom, Maine is one of these totally unique spots.


8. Take your road trip abroad. Hop on a flight and then rent a car. Take glamping to the next level with international safaris, wildlife reserves and more. Like the Macal River Camp in Chat Creek, Belize (complete with jacuzzis) or Treehotel in Harads, Sweden.

9. Visit somewhere with natural luxury built in like hot springs, and coral reefs. Who needs to pay for expensive spas and art galleries when you can marvel at and soak in nature’s wonders and benefits first-hand?


10. Hire a luxury company to design a custom curated road trip for you if the idea of planning itineraries gives you a stomach ache.

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