10 Tips to Follow to Establish Healthy Sleep Habits

Getting your 8 hours of sleep a night sounds easier than it is. The concept of getting quality sleep sounds like paradise, but you’re not sure how to actually get there. Here are some tips to help you get there.

1. Don’t go on your smartphone or computer before bed. You’re reactivating your mindset every time you check your smartphone and let that blue light re-stimulate you. Stay detached and dad a book instead.

2. Exercise regularly. This could mean anything from a fast walk with your dog to a circuit workout at home or a gym routine with a trainer. It doesn’t need to be complicated, but getting the blood flowing will help quiet racing thoughts and help you sleep better at night as well.

3. Try meditation before bed. This is not for everyone, but there are multiple forms of meditation. Try sitting with eyes closed for five minutes, in a comfy seated position, focusing on breath with four counts in and four counts out, setting daily intentions or visualizations.


4. Get at least 6 hours every night. Not doing so will ruin your sleep patterns, and eventually put you in sleep debt. Not enough quality sleep can result in dangerous consequences – not just grogginess.

5. Try not to consume caffeine too late. This stimulant will keep you awake, so choose decaf four to six hours before bedtime to avoid that dreaded tossing and turning.

6, Turn your bedroom into a sleep friendly space. This means cool (ideally around 60-70F), consider a white noise machine, and invest in some blackout curtains. Lights, sounds, and an overheated or too-cold room can ruin it all.

7. Try to set a consistent sleep schedule.

8. Drink a glass of lemon water when you wake up. This help remove toxins built up overnight, boosts metabolism, and has good vitamin content.

9. But on the other hand, don’t drink too much water before bed. By all means quench your thirst, but otherwise you will wake up too much in the middle of the night for bathroom breaks, which might make it hard to sleep at night.

10. Don’t do anything in your bed except sleep and have sex. Eating and working there make it harder for your body to compartmentalize. You should look forward to sleeping and your bed should be a haven, not something that triggers you to think about other stressful aspects of your life.

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