10 Things You Can Confidently Toss From Your Closet Before 2018

These items are cluttering your closet, and even worse, they’re going to be totally out of trend in a month of two. Do yourself a favor and don’t bring these trends into the new year.

1. Shoelace Style Chokers
Ugh… fabric chokers generally are over. Stop buying lace-up chokers or doing DIY ones by repurposing shoelaces, fabric, etc. Kardashian style lace-up body suits are also well on their way out. Instead, opt for a thin silver or gold choker band around your neck.

2. Trashy Body Con Dresses
Another Kardashianized trend. If even Kim has stopped rocking these in 2017, you probably should too. Swap out your Vegas woo girl dress for a classy shift or slip with sophisticated tones and color-blocking (bye neon American Apparel stuff!)

3. Denim Leggings
There are jeggings that don’t look repulsive – they have pockets, seams, and other things that make them look almost identical to jeans. Denim leggings, on the other hand, are severely ratchet. Pocketless, elastic-band denim leggings. If you’re not pregnant, please don’t wear these.


4. Fake Designer Bags
Not only is this not cool in terms of social awareness and contributing to the seedy black market and the global catastrophes that comes with it, but this trend is so over. Goodbye fake Gucci bags, goodbye child labor.

5. Tote Bags
These are so out. Especially the canvas ones. Stop repping that convention or conference and just buy a leather purse or mini backpack. We know it carries a ton of stuff, but there are alternatives. You can save one for workout or the beach, but that’s it!

6. Fringe Bags
These are less terrible than tote bags, but still. It looks like you’re carrying around past year’s Coachella ghosts. Or a cast member of Where The Wild Things Are. Swap out the extra fabric with a sharp leather cross-body or purse.

7. Graphic Tees With Stupid Statements
Ugh. These were popular when Urban outfitters was still a thing. We don’t want to read bad dad jokes or pun tees anymore. If you want to use your voice through clothing, wear a t-shirt for an empowering cause, not a corny one.

8. Peacoats
Ugh. The most standard, outdated coats ever. There’s so many amazing and cozy statement pieces you could be rocking as outwear, so why bother with these? It’s also the worst when they start pilling and collecting other fuzz and debris. Not cute.

9. Fur Slippers
Ok, Balenciaga might make a pair, but you will end up looking like Chewbacca or Frodo for hundreds of dollars. Mostly high fashion brands are manufacturing these monstrosities, so save your wallet and your sense of style by opting out or donating them.

10. Drapey Business Slacks
These are so boring. Instead, go with a fitted black trouser that features a single classy please. Don’t go Seinfeld – give your suit pants the sleek, contemporary update that they deserve.

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