10 Things to Do With Your Extra Hour of Daylight

Some consider daylights savings confusing – others see it as an opportunity in the form of one more hour to grab life by the horns. What will you do with your extra hour of daylight?

1. Go plant shopping. Try out a succulent or a snake plant – it’s low maintenance and will add even more bright airiness to your apartment.

2. Stay in bed longer and wake up later! Isn’t this everyone’s goal, daylight savings or not?


3. Grab coffee with a role model or mentor for some much needed life, career, or relationship advice. Hearing wise words and gaining a new perspective is always worth a few extra minutes.

4. Get freaky with your loved one.


5. Commit to some random acts of kindness or donate to. A charity that speaks to you personally. Being selfless is never a wrong way to spend an extra hour of your day.


6. Bake from scratch. This often involves effort, attention to detail and commitment, but with an extra hour, you could become the next Betty Crocker – who knows?


7. Wait in line for brunch at that new restaurant you’ve been dying to try out, but didn’t have time. Waiting in line at restaurants is always frustrating, but that cheesecake stuffed French toast makes it worth it.


8. Take a nighttime stroll with a friend, pup or loved one. The days that we can do this without it being pitch black or freezing are rare.

9. Check that thing off your to-do list that you never seem to get to, whether it’s putting up that new shelving unit, running 5k outdoors, or finally getting together with that group of college friends.


10. Take a minute to breath! Put down the screens and truly relax. Sometimes we feel the pressure to make the most of our time, and other times we’re mindlessly scrolling through IG and wasting precious seconds.

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