10 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Eating Meat

Eating meat isn’t just a solid move to help out the environment – it can have a lot of positive impact on our health as well. But as with any lifestyle change, this decision is bound to effect our bodies, in some amazing and not so pleasant ways. Here’s what to expect

1. You may be irritable about not having bacon but your general mood will drastically improve over time. Chemicals produced from animal sources, such as arachidonic acid, are linked to mood discrepancies.

2. Your taste buds will change and you can taste things more fully. You may even develop more of an appreciation for spices, and delicate flavors. Salty over processed meats can burn out your taste buds, but you may need to add a zinc supplement.


3. You might feel bloated and have some digestible issues at first. Switching to a plant rich diet brings more fiber and good bacteria. Drink water and try bloat fighting foods like broccoli to get that food baby feeling out of your system.

4. Although a serious bloat and some inconsistent stools will occur at first, you will lose weight. A plant-based diet can help you lose weight without counting calories and without increasing your exercise routine. Of course, loading up on cheese and fries won’t help that!


5. You’ll sleep better. Meat and animal products can decrease sleep quality due to how they slow down metabolism and digestion, so vegetarians will experience improved sleep thanks to faster breakdown and increase mineral intake.


6. Your skin can and usually will get clearer. A plant based diet has many benefits and our beauty routine is part of that. You’re eating foods with higher water content and more antioxidants, which protects skin from free radical damage.


7. You’ll have a much lower risk of getting cancer. From colon, breast, stomach, ovaries etc. at least 30% of cancer cases linked to dietary lifestyle choices. All those antioxidants in plants really do make a difference.


8. You may need to start taking a supplement. While going veg is great, your body has been used to getting nutrients such as b12 and iron and calcium. Calcium can be found in dairy, and b12 in certain yeasts and cereals, but keeping track of all that can be hard, especially when newly transitioning.

9. Apart from meeting your daily nutrient and vitamin quota for the sake of being healthy, you will feel the wrath of them such as iron deficiency. Without the right vitamins, you can feel distracted, fatigued, dizzy, and experience some headaches. So take that iron pill if you plan on skipping the rest.


10. Your cholesterol levels will go down. High cholesterol is one of the leading factors in strokes and heart disease. Meats and poultry are filled with saturated fats, and when you go plant based, your blood cholesterol level can drop by up to 35%. Soy can also lower cholesterol when included responsibly in the diet.

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