10 Things Every Mom Needs To Tell Her Daughter

Each mom has a very special bond with her daughter. The little ones look up to their mothers trying to copy everything they do (and then when they grow up a bit, do everything the opposite way). Mothers, on the other hand, are trying to pass every little bit of wisdom they’ve gathered over the years. Sometimes it’s tough to find the right time to say those words that need saying the most, but we should still try. Here are 10 things every mom needs to tell her daughter at least once. Whether she’s a small girl or a grown-up woman, she’d love to hear them at any point in her life.

Always stay true to yourself
No matter where you go, who you become, or what kind of relationship you create, always stay true to who you really are. Love yourself before anything or anyone else because no one will do it for you! This way you’ll be able to love and appreciate other people, too.

Learn from my mistakes
No one is perfect, including me. I’ve made my share of mistakes and it’s completely normal. You should make them, too! We learn from mistakes and find something new about ourselves and the world around us. Take risks, take every good opportunity coming your way, and never be afraid to fail. It will happen sometimes, but that’s alright! You will only become stronger after.


I love you unconditionally
Whether you want to live single or get into a relationship, I love you. Whether you want to get a lawyer’s degree, become a dentist, or cook for a living, I love you. Whether you want kids or think motherhood is not your cup of tea, I love you. I will love you unconditionally no matter what you choose in life! Always remember that.

You are beautiful
People may say whatever they want and you will definitely have doubts of your own, but I assure you that you are absolutely beautiful in so many ways. We all have flaws and you will probably find a bunch of them in you, but this doesn’t really matter. All people are different and unique in their own way. And you know what? This is what makes us great! Be proud about who you are and the way you look. Change anything only if you want to but not because someone told you that part of you is not beautiful!


You can do it
You may often hear people say that ‘you can’t do it because you’re a girl’ – remember that is not true. Dream big and go for it no matter what you’ve decided to become. You are brave, smart, and incredibly talented. I believe in you!


Don’t try to please everybody
It’s impossible to do and you will only get hurt while trying. And why should you, anyway? Find people that get you and respect you. Make friends with people who love and support you, and give that love and support back. There will always be people who don’t understand you or try to use you in any way. Just let them go – they’re not worth it!


Heartbreak is inevitable
It may be a person or a situation, but some things will eventually hurt you, and that’s a part of life that can’t be avoided. When this happens, just give yourself time and it will heal. Not at once and the pain will remain for some time, but all things pass, and this will, too. Cry if you need to – tears are cleansing and you will feel better in the end.


You can always come home
No matter what happens in your life, you can always come back home to me. Whether you’ve become happy and successful or made some bad choices and think your life is ruined – just come home and talk to me. There’s a place in this world where you’ll always be welcome!

Learn to say ‘no’
There will be plenty of situations in your life when everything inside you just screams ‘no’, yet for some reason you choose to comply and then hate yourself for it. Don’t ever do that! Just say ‘no’ and never feel bad about it. Take care of you happiness because no one else will.


Age is just a number
It doesn’t matter whether you are four or forty-four. What really matters is what you feel and experience in life. Don’t confine yourself to the limits of age – they exist for people with no imagination! Inside you there’s a child, little girl that never completely fades away. Cherish her and make both of you happy with silly, funny, and yummy things! There’s an elegant woman inside you, as well. Put on your best dress and feel like you’re the Beauty Queen of the world! You age doesn’t define you. Be as young or as mature as you want to be!

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