10 Summer 2018 Color Trends

This summer there’s a lot of colors in trend and some of them are very bold and brave, you know statement colors, while others are subtle and soft, feminine and understated. This gives you a lot to choose from and a wide range to mix and match, experiment and express yourself. Here we go.

1. Cherry Tomato
That’s right, this bright and warm orangey red will be all over the place this summer, so get yourself some cool outfits that will make you stand out in a crowd. It’s a color that screams “all attention on me” and that’s exactly what you want this summer.

2. Pink Lavender
This soft pinky lavender is a great color for girly summer dresses and flowy tops and skirts, but you can also wear it as a masculine suit to offset the super soft girly vibes. You can really play with this one.


3. Meadowlark
This bright and cheery yellow is perfect for sunny summer days. Be bold with it, wear it from head to toe, or if you’re shy, start with 1 yellow item and then build upon your collection. The point is, once you dip your toe into this lovely color you won’t be able to stop.

4. Little Boy Blue
We know blue isn’t just for boys, so go ahead and enjoy the beautiful blue outfits this summer. This color looks very refreshing and gorgeous on most skin tones so we suggest you give it a try.


5. Chili Oil
If you’re not brave enough for the cherry tomato shade of red you should definitely give this one a go. It’s a much darker, brown based red, that looks both more vibrant and more subdued at the same time. Basically it’s the perfect color.


6. Ultra Violet
We all know this is the color of the year, it’s not going anywhere. In fact, it means it goes with everything and it can be worn all the time. Get a bunch of outfits or at least accessories in this color, because it’s here to stay.


7. Almost Mauve
This is probably the most delicate of the colors in trend this season. It’s a perfect alternative to white and it looks absolutely gorgeous with a summer tan, so we suggest an off shoulder tops and dresses. If you’re planning or attending a summer wedding, consider this color too.


8. Arcadia
An unusual green shade with a hint of blue in it. It looks both ultra modern and a bit retro at the same time. It’s cool, it’s bright, it’s eye-catching and you know you’ll be in trend when you wear it.

9. Blooming Dahlia
This color is a wonderful way to dive into the world of color this summer. It’s subtle enough to go well with neutrals, but it can also be worn on it’s own as a bit of a statement. It works well for both casual and special occasion outfits so it’s a win-win.


10. Harbor Mist
This mid-tone grey will be a favorite amongst those who love monochrome looks and minimalism. And it’s exactly the right shade to look cool in the summer heat too! If you find yourself a linen dress or suit in this color – you’ve basically won the lottery when it comes to both comfort and style.

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