10 Style Tips You Need to Learn From Victoria Beckham


Beckham has taught us a lot – we learned about friendship and the
power of a good girl squad from her Posh Spice days, and now, she’s
known as a style maven all around the world. Here are her top tips to
keep you looking très chic.

Pack long

when you travel. She did so for Paris and Madrid, realizing that they
look chic, are comfortable and versatile, and take up less space than
other garments in our suitcase.

Long dress | Victoria Beckham Style | Her Beauty

Don’t be scared to venture into menswear.
Victoria has been known to rock androgynous looks and men’s coats –
it’s definitely stronger and bolder than some of her other looks.
She has haters on some of these looks, but she’s married to David
Beckham so who cares?

Menswear | Victoria Beckham Style | Her Beauty

Make a modest statement with high
ruffle collar
It adds drama, and is one of Mrs. Beckham’s more famous signature
look. She usually pears with neutral trousers, but you can try with a
skirt as well.

High ruffle collar | Victoria Beckham Style | Her Beauty

long sleeve, collared white button down
a closet essential. Some might think that the LBD is what every woman
needs in her closet, but this professional staple is just as

A long sleeve, collared white button down | Victoria Beckham Style | Her Beauty

Wearing all

is never wrong. People might hate on his dark look, calling it
one-note, but there’s something timeless and effortlessly classy
about wearing all black. It’s easy to match, and always makes you
look like a babe.


All black look | Victoria Beckham Style | Her Beauty

Always keep a pair of oversized

on hand. No matter the season or your face shape, this accessory adds
a stylish twist to even the most boring of outfits.

Oversized sunglasses | Victoria Beckham Style | Her Beauty

A choppy
lob or bob

makes for easy, low maintenance styling. If you’re thinking of
going short, this contemporary look works on a range of women and is
just long enough to tie up, but short enough for effortless styling a
la loose waves.

Bob | Victoria Beckham Style | Her Beauty

be high end. It’s all in the sleekness of styling and the type of
jeans. Stay away from faded, ripped options and instead go for a
dark, fitted and flattering jeans that pairs well with heels and a
silk or chiffon blouse.

Denim | Victoria Beckham Style | Her Beauty

If you’re not a traditional pantsuit lover, go for a camel
suit with boxy
androgynous silhouette. It looks completely high street, but will
last through the winter more timelessly than the blush and pastel
options which are infiltrating the market right now.

Camel suit with boxy | Victoria Beckham Style | Her Beauty

10. Leather pants are a great way to make an everyday look more edgy, whether it’s with a white tee or a plush sweatshirt. It’s smart, sexy, and very grown up with the right blazer.

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