10 Secrets Models Will Never Tell You


Models don’t just look so stunning all on their own; while a solid gene pool is the foundation of modeling, they have some healthy food and fitness habits to keep them looking like the radiant queens they are.

They don’t binge eat. Many people who diet and struggle to lose weight restrict themselves and then occasionally binge, backtracking. Portion control is the model’s secret. Don’t eat if you’re emotional. They take baby steps and a small amount of indulgence to ward off the bigger damage.

They work out in cute gym outfits which acts as motivation. Going to the gym when you look like a slob and don’t like yourself is hard, so getting a hot gym look will up your confidence and also make you want to work out more.


They don’t only eat white and green if it’s healthy. This way, they load of up healthy but filling leafy veggies and avoid the processed carbs such as bread, pasta, and cookies, swapping it out for turkey, fish, and chicken.

Snacking is their best friend. Whether its front row at a show, back stage, or on one of their commutes. Eating small, energy providing meals keeps that tummy flat and never gets ravenous. Veggies, nuts, and fruits as well as water helps everyone pass on the bread basket, especially models.


They exercise but most importantly, go on a lot of walks. Even before breakfast. Daily ritual walks in the morning can trim the inches because morning light syncs your metabolism and undercuts fat genes. Sunlight before noon also reduces risks of weight gain.


Rather than opting for junk food, they sprinkle lots of spices in fibrous foods, which helps speed up their metabolism. Carrying red pepper flakes in their purses doesn’t just make things more flavorful – it’s a powerful weight loss agent.


They go for tea instead of coffee. Coffee can bloat, but tea will help detox and act as a diuretic. Plus, it’s quite hydrating which will make your skin and hair flourish. It can even have weight loss properties if you carefully integrate ingredients like ginger and lemon.


They use bronzer and spray tans to fake a healthy tan or that glow on dull skin or after a sleepless night. It can add contour and make you look like you came straight off a plane from Ibiza.

Not everyone is born with natural radiance. Moisturizing is the key to everything. That means masks on your hair, your face, and your body. Oils like Argan and jojoba will help make everything supple from head to toe.


They use coconut oil as makeup remover instead of those expensive wipes. Not only is it free and more natural, but it works better and will leave your face looking dewy and smelling yummy.

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