10 Reasons Why Celine Dion Is Our New Style Icon


Dion may be famous for her music career and the Titanic soundtrack,
but her sense of style is completely underrated, seeing as she’s
slaying all of her looks with a vengeance. This queen was recently
appointed the new face of L’Oreal, and her timeless elegance and
fashion sense is a big part of that.

Because she left the house wearing a legendary Titanic sweatshirt
that is extremely meta, given that it’s Celine Dion.

Because she’s been quoted as saying that her goal in life was to
“be dramatic,” and with her fashion sense, we can safely say that
goal has been accomplished.

10 Reasons Why Celine Dion Is Our New Style Icon | Her Beauty

She rocks classic looks as well as hot, contemporary brands like
Vetements and Virgil Abloh’s Off-White. She’s also the only 51
year old who could pull of Givenchy leather overalls with ease.

Because she can pair dominatrix leather boots with a leather jacket
and neon yellow tunic but somehow not look extra.


Because she wore a backwards pantsuit at the 1999 Oscars during a
time when women only wore gowns, and was definitely the best dressed

Her sartorial drama in every fashion suit is simply flawless, but you
can tell that she has fun with every photoshoot and doesn’t take
herself too seriously.

Because she’s known to frequently work with Law Roach, the
Hollywood celebrity stylist responsible for Zendaya and other daring,
of-the-moment red carpet works of art.

Because she’s a pioneer of both high fashion and streetwear.
Generation Z might remember Kendall and Kylie, but if you’re been
around for a little longer, you know that Celine is the OG.

She’s unstoppable and doesn’t follow the trends of others just
because not everyone is a fan of her style. For decades she’s been
living with individualist swag, and that’s part of what’s made
her so iconic.

10. Because she still can pull off the same slinky gowns that girls decades younger than her can.

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