10 Personality Traits That Make Best Friends

Lovers come and go, but best friends stay with you forever. If you’ve ever had best friend, you know that those people are just as special as husbands and wives, and can be just as hard to find. There are many factors that make people good friends and it’s very individual for every person as we all have different personalities and needs. But some people are friend material and others are less so. Here are 10 personality traits that make best friends.

They know how to listen
Chatting about stuff is all nice and fun, but what really matters is when a person can listen to you attentively. When we listen to one another we get to know one another – there’s no other way. We exchange our thoughts, ideas, our pains and happy events, and that’s when true friendship is born.

They’ve seen your worst
And it didn’t scare them away! Real friends won’t stop talking to you just because you had a bit of breakdown or had too much to drink at the party and they witnessed the aftermath. In fact, situations like that only make your friendship stronger!


They can talk to you about everything
And we mean literally everything from a pimple that’s causing you trouble to their bad stomach and the existential crisis you both are having right now. There is no topic you aren’t able to discuss because you trust them more than yourself and know that their advice will be timely and precious.

They always have your back
When things suddenly go south – all you’re left with is you, your problems, and your BFFs having your back. These people are rare like sun eclipses and once you find them, you’ll know it’s them and that this is for life.


They know how to make you laugh
When you know each other for decades, some inside jokes are unavoidable. Some friends even develop secret languages to communicate in a way only they’ll understand! Because you’ve shared so much history together, there’s always something hilarious to remember. Besides, your bestie will always know all your weak spots!


They accept you the way you are
Well, they may not always agree with the decisions you make (and they’ll will be vocal about it for sure), but they will be on your side nonetheless. Best friends are those special people whom you can confide in without the fear of being judged. No matter what you’ve done, they will listen to you and then offer their help.


They will always speak the truth
Or at least their version of truth, but a true friend will certainly not lie to you about anything. Do you look fat in that skirt? Oh yes, honey, you should change that for skinny tight jeans. They will always tell you what they think is right and if they believe you’re making a mistake they’ll point it out, too.


They are always there for you
Do you know those special types of people you can spend month without meeting in person, and then suddenly you bump at each other in the market and then spend the next few days catching up and having fun as if you’ve never had a falling out? Yes, that’s a best friend right there.

They know your secrets
In fact, they know you better than you know yourself! These are the people that keep all your secrets safe and they are also the only ones you can relax with and just be yourself. You’ve shared all your experiences and there’s nothing that will make them shy away from you.


They love you
Love comes in all forms and sizes, friendship being one of them. It really is like any other form of relationship and might even have the same issues. And just like relationships are based on love, friendships are also based on love. If they love you and you love them – you’ll be besties for life.

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