10 People To Unfollow On Social Media


Social media is both a great and quite horrible at the same time. It’s a great way to keep up with friends and family that live far away, it’s a good place to find new people and make connections, it’s even a great place to market yourself as an employee or an entrepreneur. However, when you spend too much time on it and follow too many people, it can be detrimental to your mental and emotional wellbeing. So in order to stay sane you should really think about who you follow and how it’s going to influence you. We seriously suggest you unfollow these 10 kinds of people on social media.

1. The Critic
You know that person that never stops complaining? They seem to come to social media almost exclusively to moan about something in their life, work, or even just about TV shows they don’t get, movies they found to be disappointing or customer service in their local cafe being particularly lackluster that day. Just unfollow them, you don’t need this constant stream of negativity in your life.

2. Your Ex
Do I even need to go into details on this one? You broke up for a reason, you wanted them out of your life, so why keep them around on social media. You really don’t need to know how soon are they gonna get over you, how they’re doing and who they’re hanging out with. Just unfollow and forget about them. You know what, perhaps it’s even better to block them, so neither of you is tempted to stalk each other on social media. It’s better this way for both of you.

3. The Oversharer
If someone is sharing all their personal details online, including their family dynamics, romantic interest, health problems, work issues etc – they’re probably not ok. Certain things are meant to be private. And if you follow them, chances are you’re getting involved in their life in a really weird, reality TV sort of way, while you could be spending your time being more productive.


4. The Troll
You know who I’m talking about. That person that often posts controversial things, or seems to get joy out of starting a huge argument in the comments. The one you know not to poke because nothing good will come out of it, so you just read what they have to say, get angry about it and then try your best not to react in any sort of way. Why are you torturing yourself? Just unfollow them.

5. The Baby Momma
Babies are cute, but do you really need to see someone else’s baby every single day? So you really need to know what they ate, what word they learned, and exactly how their potty training is going? No, no you don’t. Unless you’re their parent. So just unfollow that weirdo who posts about their baby 12 times a day and enjoy your adult life without any baby talk while you still can.

6. The Activist
There’s nothing really wrong with being an activist, unless you’re an armchair activist. You know, that person that shares every single post about societal issues and how unfair and ridiculous life is, but doesn’t really do anything about it. They just judge everyone for not being a social justice warrior, but really all they do is post condescending comments. Unfollow.

7. The Constant Vacationer
You don’t know how they do it, and what kind of job they have (do they even have one?) but they seem to constantly be on vacation. This week they’re in Paris, next they’re in Hawaii, and they’re already talking about the next trip they’re excited about, which involves climbing a volcano, diving with sharks and ends with a lovely weekend on a tropical island where they can just chill and live their best life. That’s weird and unattainable for most of us, it’ll just fill you with envy. Unfollow.

8. The Humblebrag
“I’ve been mistaken for a Kardashian today and the guy at Starbucks gave me my drink for free, even though I looked like a mess and had no makeup on. What a weird day, lol”. Does that sound familiar? Just unfollow them. Who needs these annoying humblebrags in your life? They just want attention and compliments and they’re seeking them in the most obvious ways. Unfollow and forget.

9. The Selfie Queen
Listen, we get it, you looked good today and you felt like sharing it with the world. There’s nothing wrong with self-expression, and validation. But if most of their posts on social media are just selfies – do you really need to follow them? I mean you’re not finding out anything new, and there’s only so many times you can see someone’s selfie before you start getting annoyed with them.

10. The Meme Obsessed
Meme’s are funny, but some people go too far and repost every single meme they see. What’s the point? We probably already know about that meme, you probably follow the same meme accounts, you really don’t need to see it again. Plus it just litters up your feed and gets in the way. Unfollow them and you’ll suddenly realize what you were really missing out on and how much less scrolling you have to do now.

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