10 Of The Best TV Proposal Scenes Of All Time


Only one thing is better than real-life proposals: the fantasy of a juicy onscreen proposal. Some of the best scenes in TV shows are ones where they pop the big question, especially since the crowd has grown invested in this couple and their long history together. They’re all swoon-worthy, but here are our favorite TV proposals ever.

1. Chuck & Blair, Gossip Girl

We will always be obsessed with this Gossip Girl couple and their chemistry. In the show’s series finale, Blair married Chucks so that she can’t testify against him. He gives her a proper proposal down on his knee, telling her that life with her would never be boring. When she said yes, we all teared up a little.

2. Charlotte & Harry, Sex and the City

Charlotte and Harry had to undergo a breakup before she realized that this man was the only one for her. They’re definitely an odd couple — Charlotte is all about perfection, while Harry is anything but. Still, she converted to Judaism for him, and he proposed to Charlotte after running into her at a synagogue singles night and hearing her give a speech. 

3. Michael & Holly, The Office

Michael from The Office has had some questionable love interests, but everyone’s favorite was Holly. He proposed her in Season 7, with quite an elaborate ploy. While we’re used to seeing Steve Carrell as constantly joking and sarcastic, he was as sweet and serious as could be for this proposal.

4. Meredith & Derek, Grey’s Anatomy

Name a more genetically blessed couple! Since the very first episode of this iconic show, we knew these two dreamboat doctors were destined to be together. Derek’s proposal to Meredith was elaborate, involving an elevator and CT scans of surgeries they performed together.

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