10 Must-See Movies About The World Fashion


The world of haute couture is a stunningly beautiful but complicated one. There’s a lot of ego and a lot of hard work. There are fashion shows that look effortless and gorgeous and then there’s behind the scenes of that which include months of preparation and a team of people who spent hours working tirelessly every day for that effortless result we see for a couple of minutes on the runway. It’s actually fascinating but few people outside of the industry know anything about it. So here are 10 movies about the world of fashion that will give you a glimpse behind the curtain of the world of fashion.

Dior and I (2014)

A story of the newly
appointed creative director of Dior, Raf Simmons, and his process of creating a
new collection for Dior in only 8 weeks. He wasn’t the obvious choice for Dior,
many people said he’s not really Dior Material because he’s more of a
minimalist, but once you see this movie you’ll understand how sometimes going
with your gut and not giving in to pressure is the best thing Raf Simmons did.

McQueen (2018)

This is the most
comprehensive film about the life and career of British designer Lee Alexander
McQueen. It tells his story from his time working as a tailor to launching his
name brand, to his success in the world of fashion and his tragic death. You
will find out about his darkest thoughts and feelings that both inspired his
collections and haunted him.

Crazy About Tiffany’s (2016)

The story of Tiffany’s
New York jewelry store. It started as a tiny boutique opened by Charles Lewis
Tiffany in 1837 and grew to become a unique global phenomenon. Everyone
recognizes that blue box with a white ribbon. It’s the gift equivalent of a
little black dress. It goes with everything and is perfect for any occasion.


7 Days Out: Chanel Haute Couture Fashion Show (2018)

A Netflix original
documentary series about creating the Chanel spring/summer 2018 couture
collection and all the preparation for this show that was inspired by
Versailles Gardens. And just to tease you with the scale of it – they recreated
the Versailles Gardens at the location that has housed this show since 2005 –
at The Grand Palais des Champs-Élysées.

Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist (2018)

An insight into the life
and work of a unique British designer Vivienne Westwood. She was once an
outsider of fashion but still managed to succeed. She’s also a true punk when
it comes to her attitude, and a dame by title. She cares deeply about changing
the world so on top of being a famous designer she’s also become a social and
environmental activist.

L’Amour Fou (2010)

A film about the work
and personal life of Yves Saint Laurent told by his companion and partner
Pierre Bergé. It’s a unique look into his life through the eyes of someone
who’s been at his side for 50 years and knew him better than anyone else on
this planet.

The Director: An Evolution in Three Acts (2013)

A great movie about Gucci’s former creative director, Frida Giannini. The film covers a period of 18 months and shows all the subtleties of what it’s like to work as a designer in the Italian Fashion House. As a kid Frida just dreamt of a nice family in a nice house with a pretty garden full of flowers, she never expected her life would turn out like this.

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