10 Most Iconic Givenchy Designs

Since Hubert de Givenchy handed over the reins to Ricardo Tisci, we’ve missed his original point of view severely. Though the modern day iteration of Givenchy worn by celebs on the red carpet is still stunning, the original conceptions of the brand and their designs, many of which have contributed towards monumental moments in history are thanks to the legendary Hubert himself. We’re here to look back at some of our ground-breaking favorites.

1. How could we not start with the famous “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” black dress? The black gown that has been imitated at endless cocktail parties, award shoes, and more. Givenchy brought a new meaning to the words simplicity and elegance with this design that helped make Hepburn the pop culture icon that she is.

2. This gorgeous floral masterpiece made Hepburn a vision in this ugly-duckling-transformed film “Sabrina”. The strapless top, which fit perfectly, and the dramatic, billowing bottom with black underlay is what contemporary designers tackling floral should always look towards. Perfect silhouette, minimalism, and creativity were infused in a very recycled and sometimes garish trend.

3. Bettina Graziana was one of France’s first supermodels who posed for designers like Coco Chanel, but she was also Givenchy’s muse. His first collection was name after her, and the “Bettina blouse”, a high buttoned blouse with ruffles, was insanely popular in the 50s. We still see this silhouette today!


4. It’s known that Givenchy was very inspired by Balenciaga and his 1957 babydoll interpretation of trapeze gowns was a direct inspiration from that, though it wasn’t derivative at all. His idea behind this airy silhouette was to give a woman liberation and freedom from heavy, suffocating fabrics and go the ultra-light and movement-based route.

5. Givenchy really set the tone for the 1960’s with his Mad Men-esque balloon coat look that we’ve always been obsessed with. Sloping shoulders, an above the knee hemline, and a wide silhouette that was somehow not boxy.

6. Grace Kelly, famous actress and Princess of Monaco, wore a memorable emerald green dress in her 1961 white house visit that was designed by none other than Hubert Givenchy himself. It’s a slight departure from the LBD style he was known for, but it’s a conservative look that was truly classy.

7. In the previous Grace Kelly look, she was visiting the Kennedys for a lunch date. Here, Jackie O. herself is in Versailles, wearing this phenomenal couture look that paid homage to Versailles’s fashion heritage. A supremely chic, simple white coat was paired with a sublime ivory gown adorned with roses and lilies of the valley.

8. If you were wondering if the legendary designer could work with delicate lace, this meticulously detailed look from 1966’s “How To Steal A Million” should answer your questions. From head to toe in lace and with that gorgeous lace bandit mask, Hepburn never looked like more of a badass than here.

9. Ok, we already included a floral look, but seriously, how is this man so good at florals and fit? Tied together by a skinny belt, this is the look that Hepburn won her first Oscar for best actress in 1954. Understated, but it highlighted Hepburn’s radiance like no other.

10. Givenchy proved he knew how to design for a professional woman after he created this gorgeous tweed suit for Jackie Kennedy to wear in Paris on June 2, 1961. Givenchy is one of the designers that helped create Jackie’s iconic suit looks and helped build her style identity.

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