10 Most Expensive Celebrity Wedding Dresses


We combed through celebrity weddings for a ranking of the 10 most expensive gowns of all time.

1. Nicole Richie – $20,000

Let’s start with the less expensive ones on the list. Nicole Richie wore a beautiful dress by Marchesa that cost $20,000. The main feature was probably the 100 yards of silk organza or the delicate floral lace detailing on the bodice of the dress.

2. Princess Diana – $31,000

Princess Diana had a lavish dress for those times. In 1981 her dress cost about $12,000 which would be about $30,000 + if she was getting married now. Her wedding gown had a very long train, 10,000 pearls and a lot of embroideries done by hand. It was designed by Elizabeth and David Emanuel and it was truly fit for a princess.

3. Heather Mills – $40,000

When Heather Mills married the famous Beatle, Paul McCartney, she wore a pretty stunning dress. It was designed by the Eavis & Brown fashion house in London and it cost $40,000. It was made of special ecru lace, which made the dress look super light and airy. And even though the marriage didn’t last, she probably kept the dress, it was too beautiful to give up.

4. Madonna – $80,000

When your name is Madonna you have to look like a queen at your wedding. Nothing less will do. So when Madonna was getting married to Guy Ritchie she did exactly that. Not only did she wear an $80,000 ivory silk wedding gown by Stella McCartney, her veil was antique and attached to a real Edwardian crown, encrusted with diamonds.


5. Jessica Biel – $100,000

Jessica Biel had a unique looking dress for her wedding with Justin Timberlake. Not only did it cost $100,000, but it was also custom made and a lovely pink shade. Very unconventional, but very festive. And we’re pretty sure both adults and kids will agree that it looked like she had a lot of fun wearing this gorgeous wedding gown.

6. Victoria Beckham – $100,000

There’s a reason Victoria Beckham is known as Posh Spice. She might not come from wealth, but she clearly has an expensive taste. For her wedding to David Beckham, she wore a strapless dress with a classic ball-gown that was worth $100,000. It might be a far cry from her style these days, but for 1999 – not bad, Posh Spice, not bad.

7. Melania – $200,000

When Melania married Donald Trump she knew she was marrying a multi-millionaire, so she didn’t spare any money for the dress. Her Christian Dior dress was made of 300 feet of tulle and embroidered with more than 1500 pearls and rhinestones. It was so big and heavy she was advised to have a big breakfast so she would have the strength to wear it, and she had to sit on a bench because her dress didn’t fit on the chair.

8. Amal Alamuddin – $380,000

Amal Clooney might not be a Hollywood celebrity, but she sure has a Hollywood wedding oozing with Hollywood taste. Her wedding dress cost $380,000 and was a specially made for her. It was a custom design by Oscar de la Renta. That’s right, mega-successful lawyers know how to dress up for a Hollywood wedding.

9. Kate Middleton – $400,000

The wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William was a huge event in history and it has since been compared to Disney’s Cinderella wedding. I mean when you look at the pictures, the similarities are uncanny. However, Kate’s dress wasn’t drawn by Disney. It was designed by Sarah Burton and cost around $400,000. But that seems fitting for a real princess, or future queen.

10. Kim Kardashian – $400,00 or $2.1 million

Kim is known for wanting the best and most expensive things in life, so it only makes sense that her wedding dress would boast a hefty price tag. When she was getting married to Chris Humphrey her wedding dress cost $25,000, this time around it was much more. The wedding dress she wore to the ceremony with Kanye was designed by Riccardo Tisci, featured cathedral-length veil and an incredible train and cost somewhere between $400,000 and $2.1 million, or so the rumor has it. And that wasn’t even the only dress. She changed into a different wedding dress for the reception.

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