10+ Mad Instagram Beauty Trends That Will Take The World By Storm This Summer

It’s not a secret Instagram has become a huge trend-setter over the last couple of years. Beauty bloggers are coming up with new unusual ways to impress their readers, creating bizarre-looking trends, crazy hairstyles, and mind-bending nail designs. It’s not uncommon for them to go slightly over-the-top in the attempt to present the most impressive trend, making it hard for people to re-create those spectacular looks. Other times they end up with something so bizarre we would never dare to try it ourselves. Here are 10+ mad Instagram beauty trends that will take the world by storm this summer.

Nose makeup
If you thought you were already putting enough makeup on your face, here’s a new trend that will double all the work! YouTube and Instagram trend-setters have come up with the idea to decorate noses as well as eyes and lips. They’re putting on glitter, hearts, clouds, and rhinestones along with some cute colorful powders and drawings. We don’t know if this trend will last, but we do love it!

Male manicure
You can’t impress anyone with women putting all kinds of things on their nails nowadays, but guys used to stay away from coloring their nails. Things have changed! It all started with Mark Jacobs who tried using colorful nail polish, and now a famous YouTube-blogger Joey Graceffa is also into this new trend.

Halo brow
We all remember the mono-brow trend, which might have been kind of disturbing, but now it’s time to try something even more radical – the halo brow! It was created by Hannah Lyne, a young beauty-maker from Great Britain, who was talking to her friend on the phone one day and decided to try something radically new. And that’s how this trend was born!


Fishtail brows
It seems that some Instagramers sincerely believe there’s nothing you can’t do with your brows, so they try anything that comes to their mind. So how about turning your brows into cool-looking fishtails? It’s an easy technique, but the result is unusual, stylish, and quite trendy.

Neon hair
Rainbow hair has been around for ages, now stylists even braid small lamps into it for a more spectacular effect. What we haven’t seen before is a special hair dye that glows at night! During the day this colorful hair just looks bright and pretty, but at night it turns into a glowing masterpiece that is ideal for parties and special occasions.


Corkscrew nails
These days you can put literally anything on your nails, including a variety of decorative objects and actual tools we use in our lives. Have you ever thought about using corkscrew for you nail designs? Well, some people obviously have! And while it looks a little bit disturbing, this might become handy if you really love wine.

Glitter tongue
There’s this new crazy #glittertongue trend that’s been taking the Internet by storm. We should thank Jacinta Vuković, a makeup artist specializing in lip art, for this unusual invention. She’s a big fan of glitter and often uses it on her lips, but this one time she accidentally put some on her tongue as well – and voila! She admits the glitter doesn’t taste good and you should be careful with eating too much of it.


Plaid hair
We should thank Blondies of Melbourne for a number of hairstyle inventions like confetti hair and hidden rainbow roots, but their most impressive addition to the world of hairstyle designs has hit Instagram not so long ago. The stylist was looking for the perfect pattern of a tartan miniskirt and when she failed to find one, she decided to create it on client’s hair. And the result was superb!


Heart blush
Korean girls are known for their love of all things cute, especially hearts. It didn’t take them long to come up with a new sweet trend that uses both blush and hearts to create a lovely doll-like look. You can either use a stencil to create a heart-shaped blush or just draw a colorful heart shape yourself.

Geode hair
Artists can get inspired by different things, including gems and crystals. So how do you turn a shiny amethyst geode into a sparkly hairstyle? The answer is – with lots and lots of chunky glitter and purple dye! The artist created quartz edges using a mix of silver and clear glitter, and we must admit the result is quite outstanding.


Garden eyebrows
Also known as ‘spring eyebrows’, this new trend is perfect for women who want to get closer to Mother Nature and create a gentle flowery look. We must admit this trend is not for everyone, but if you have elven features and prefer boho style for your clothes, then go ahead and put some greenery on your brows!

Crown makeup
Have you ever dreamed of becoming a princess? Well, now you can at least create a princess-inspired look with not one, but two crowns placed carefully on your eyelids. All you need for this look is a few brushes, some eye shadows, and a bunch of small rhinestones as a finishing touch.


Corset braids
The idea to mix corsets and braids is not new, but it’s making a comeback with more and more celebrities using this technique for their looks. Lately we’ve seen Lady Gaga rock this amazing trend and it looks elegant paired with an exquisite dress.

Iron brows
Created by a stylist from Serbia, this dangerous-looking trend uses iron objects like nails, wires, and needles to create spectacular eyebrow designs. Do we like it? We absolutely love it! It is reminiscent of the Game of Thrones and would look striking at any party.

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