10 Impressive Health Benefits of Pineapple


It’s summer, we want to look good and feel good and we don’t want to spend ages achieving those results. Well a really easy way to feel and look good is to eat healthy, and to include a bunch of fresh fruit and veg into your diet to reap all the benefits they can provide us with. Today we’ll focus on one yummy fruit that we all associate with summer – pineapple. Pineapples are actually great for you, they’re full of vitamins and can do a lot for your health, so let’s see exactly what impressive health benefits can pineapple give us.

1. Clear Skin
We all want to have clear skin and pineapple can be of great use in this case. It’s full of vitamin C, which is a great toner for your skin, and it’s great at clearing acne and slowing down the aging process. So if you want clear, glowing, younger looking skin – you better eat some pineapples.

2. Heal Wounds
Eating pineapple can also help you heal small wounds and cuts faster. The vitamin C it contains plays the most important park in the creation of collagen, which is the essential protein that makes up your skin, blood vessels and bones.


3. Improve Eyesight
Pineapple can improve small eye health problems and it can prevent a whole bunch of eyesight problems that most people get when they’re old. So if you want 20/20 vision when you’re old start including pineapple into your diet today.

4. Heals A Cold
Catching a cold in summer isn’t unusual anymore, it’s actually quite easy with all the changing temperatures, drafts and air conditioning. When you have a cold you usually get a lot of mucus in your throat and nose. Well, eating pineapple can help you get rid of that excess mucus and heal your cold.


5. Stronger Immune System
While we’re on the topic of colds, you should also note that eating pineapple can give a good boost to your immune system. Again, thanks to the huge amount of vitamin C that’s in pineapples.


6. Prevent Cancer
Science shows that eating pineapples is directly linked to preventing certain kinds of cancer, such as throat cancer, mouth cancer and even breast cancer. Pineapples are rich in certain antioxidants that are great at fighting free radicals that cause cancer in the first place.


7. Oral Health
Pineapples are powerful astringents, which means they’re great at tightening the tissue and preventing gum retraction and loose teeth. So go munch on some pineapple to keep your teeth and gums happy and healthy.


8. Healthy Gut
Having a healthy digestive system is key to looking and feeling good. Eating pineapple regularly can help relieve all sorts of digestive problems like bloating, gas, and a bunch of other things you never really want to mention in polite society.

9. Prevent Hair Loss
If you’re worried about the amount of hair you lose when you wash your hair in the shower or brush it – there’s an easy solution. Eating pineapple every day can help you prevent hair loss and make sure your hairs stay on top of your head instead of going down the drain. Moreover, eating pineapple regularly can make your hair thicker.


10. No More Chapped Lips
If you want soft kissable lips, but instead you have chapped lips all the time – try this easy hack. Use pineapple and coconut oil as a topical treatment. Pineapple will work as a natural scrub and moisturizer, while coconut oil will keep your lips soft and smooth.

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