10 Healthier Alternatives To Sugar


Getting news that you’re pre-diabetic or on that road is never fun. But giving up that sweet, sweet sugar can feel impossible at times. Here are some healthier alternatives to quell your sweet tooth without the health repercussions.

Raw honey
Raw honey has been sued for everything over the years, from wound dressings, to offerings, to food sweetener, as we most commonly use it today. Raw honey is rich in nutrients, but commercial honey is just as bad as sugar.

Organic Coconut Sugar
Infuse your drinks and dishes with a little tropical kick and use coconut sugar instead of the bad stuff. This potassium rich sweetener is made from the sap of coconuts flowers and can be purchased in granulated form, block, or paste.


Molasses is a byproduct of refining sugar-cane, and is packed with nutrients like iron, zinc, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Gooey blackstrap molasses is the most mineral rich and a great source of iron, though low in fat content.

Monk Fruit
Monk Fruit has been used in Chinese medicine for ages, but is only gaining worldwide popularity recently. It is over 200 times sweeter than sugar and still doesn’t affect blood sugar levels. Production cost is double as much as Stevia, so we’re not sure just how popular it will get.


Agave Nectar
Extracted from the agave plant, this near is sweeter than honey, but less easily digested. It is potently sweet but doesn’t raise blood sugar level. But be careful, because a lot of agave on the market is processed and can cause health problems.


Brown Rice Syrup
You may know of and hate brown rice for its notoriously healthy reputation. It has a much higher nutrition value that high-fructose sources, and has a buttery, nutty undertone to it, which tastes great in baked bread and granola bars.


This is an extract which comes from the stevia rebaudiana plant. It is all-natural, doesn’t raise blood sugar, and doesn’t contain calories or carbs. This low glycemic option can be bought as a powder, liquid, or dried leaves. Avoid Truvia, which is a processed substitute using only certain active ingredients from Stevia.


Maple Syrup
This famous pancake topper has a slightly more liquid texture than honey, but it contains up to 24 types of antioxidants! It also protects brain cells, and hence cane preventative against Alzheimer’s disease. Moderation is key with this flavor enhancer.

Lucuma Powder
This powder is created from Lucuma, which is a subtropical fruit from Peru. It tastes like mangoes, and has been used for South American medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. It also has 14 vital micronutrients along with minerals, and it doesn’t spike blood sugar at all.


Often peppered about in dental care ads, xylitol is really a sugar alcohol which can be used as a sweetener. If does decrease tooth cavities, but if you have a pet, this substance can be deadly, so keep it on a high up shelf!

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