10 Fashion Blogger Instagrams to Follow ASAP

As we come into the new year, we’re constantly looking for fresh way to take update our tired ol’ 2017 style game into 2018, with IG-worthy looks. And what better way than to click through the ‘grams of our favorite fashion bloggers?

1. Mary Lawless Le isn’t just about stunning photos and fashion, but her travel pics are to die for as well. She’ll make you wish you were away from the frozen tundra and into her tropical paradise, but you can live vicariously through her Insta – lucky us!

2. This fiery-haired fashion blogger is living in New York, but originally from Peru. Her Insta is the ultimate relatable girl fashion tips, looking more like an ASOS model than an unattainable Chanel one. Follow her IG for fashion inspiration and everything in between.

3. This Parisian jeweler and blogger is giving us life – she’s the vibrant, positive energy we need coming into 2018. Adeline Rapon posts the dreamiest shots of Paris, and looks like she would be Carrie Bradshaw’s idol. She’s a shameless feminist who knows how to rock a beret like no others.


4. No, these are not a series of editorials from Vogue. This is a real person’s life. She calls herself a visual storyteller and we think she takes that moniker seriously. Her style is always on point and she has a distinct aesthetic that we really admire.

5. Stephanie Arant is a style blogger that can wear boyfriend jeans better than anyone you know. She runs the blog “Unconscious Style” and while her looks are effortless, we hope she’s conscious of how stylish she is! Her picks are always somehow classic, with an innovative twist.

6. If you’ve been waiting for the ultimate plus size fashion blogger, Rochelle Johnson is your beautiful answer. She’s the creator of Beauticurve, a blog on motherhood, style, and more. Her looks are always so vibrantly sophisticated, and amazing inspiration that bigger girls can be just as fashionable.

7. Christina Caradona gives us our Insta fix of European chicness. The French native is the brains behind Trop Rouge and she’s worked with a Teen Vogue. Her looks are polished but comfortable, and she’s another beret-wearing all star champ. She also makes overalls look good, which is a feat in itself.

8. The Jitana is run by Denise, who is a California native. Jitana means gypsy in Spanish, and is fitting for the jet-setting cutie. Her looks are streetwear comfy chic, which is totally attainable. Always love a gal who shows us how to look flawless in a pair of sweats.

9. Aimee Song has a lot of accomplishments under her belt – she’s a best-selling author, one of Forbes 30 under 30, and will give you severe travel envy (her daily vlog especially.) The Youtuber has helpful tips like how to style a turtleneck in 16 ways, and her IG is a beautiful collage of travel, coziness and 10/10 outfits.

10. We’re absolutely smitten with Caroline Daur and her edgy, cool girl fashion. Seriously, doesn’t she remind you of Kate Hudson in “Almost Famous”. Her looks are always so glamorous and easy, with a touch of LA cool, always against the perfect backdrop.

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