10 Cult Fashion Brands Every Girl Should Know

While there are mainstream high-end brands that every fashionista would die for, there are some with a select cult following thanks to a unique aesthetic, a celeb who religiously wears their products, or just a certain je ne sais quoi that makes everyone want a piece of the pie.

1. Staud
Staud was founded in LA by Sarah Staudinger and George Augusto, creating a new niche space for chic essentials. Billowing sleeves, furry bags, and nautical jumpsuits all blend a range of eras seamlessly. It’s every urban fashionista’s dream come true. Contemporary meets retro for the essential cool girl facto that we all yearn after so desperately. Want proof? Proof: Alexa Chung regularly rocks Staud.

2. Blazé Milano
Three babes who used to work at Elle Italia decided to start an empowering company for fashionable women who mean business. The brand by Corrada Rodriguez d’Acri, Delfina Pinardi and Sole Torlona is called Blazé Milano, and they only sell the finest, most stunningly cut blazers. Whether you want a curved pocket, contrast trim, or velvet remix, this brand has it all.


3. Beaufille
The exact definition of this word is “handsome girl” and that’s definitely one word to describe this brand. He worlds of feminine and masculine merge for Canadian sisters Parris and Chloe Gordon who are behind this company. Their silhouettes are somehow boyish yet structured and sensual.

4. Sanayi313
When flats are basic, they’re the worst. When they’re a stylish statement-maker, they’re the best. these astoundingly embellished slippers are definitely the latter making them a must-have among fashionistas all over the world. They feature details such as exaggerated points, a silk and gold filigree, and acutely pointed toes.


5. OffWhite
Everyone is a fan of Virgil Abloh thanks to Solange and his phenomenal menswear designs. But the luxury brands magnificent womenswear line is just as applause-worthy. Overblown shirts, velvet patchwork jeans, and mega-layered sportswear are just some of our stunning favorites from Abloh’s “Off White”.


6. Saks Potts
This Copenhagen based brand was founded by Barbara Potts and Catherine Saks, who are now in just their third year of business, and experiencing lucrative success. We particularly love their color pop sheepskin coats which remind us of Almost Famous meets Foxy Brown.


7. Miaou
Celebs like Emily Ratajkowski and Kendall Jenner are obsessed with rocking the chic trousers of NYC based brand, Miaou. They are created by designer Alexia Elkaim, and people from all corners of the globe are yearning to buy her universally flattering trousers. She also makes amazing Clueless inspired plaids.


8. Andy Wolf Eyewear
A lot of people have mixed opinions about Rihanna and her Matrix inspired sunnies on the Cannes red carpet. Andy Wold is the mastermind behind those “micro frames” that take us back to the ‘90s, and celebs and normals alike are obsessed.

9. Danielle Guizio
You may not have heard of Danielle, but she’s up there with Philipp Plein and Donatella. This “it” girl is a total self-starter and is slaying the edgy athleisure game with gals like Halsey and Kylie & Kendall Jenner regularly rocking her duds. It’s the high fashion, classy take on Fashion Nova and it’s oh so stylish.


10. Ruslan Baginskiy
We couldn’t end the list without paying homage to this iconic hat designer who is taking over street style blogs and celebrity looks. Kaia Gerber, Sophia Richie and Bella Hadid all love their cadet caps (which Gerber and Hadid wore matching to NYFW), and that’s the moment that made Baginskiy really blow up. Now, you can enjoy fedoras made of wool, straw boaters, wide brimmed sun hats and more.

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