10 Celebs Who Looked Flawless While Pregnant


pregnant is one of the most beautiful things in the world, but let’s
admit it, it doesn’t always look polished and stylish. Luckily,
we’re living in the age of comfy athleisurewear style that has
saved many future moms from wearing the same sweatpants and a hoodie
for nine months. Celebs, being the great trend-setters that they are,
always serve as an inspiration for women who look up to them. And oh
boy, do pregnant celebrities deliver these days! Long gone are the
days of unrealistic baby-bump-revealing dresses paired with stiletto
heels (although, those still happen sometimes, but only on the Red
Carpet). Now we’re living in the era when future moms can dress
both comfortably and beautifully, no matter what look they want to
pull off – casual, evening, sporty, or totally carefree. Here are
10 celebs who looked flawless while pregnant.


Hathaway is the very definition of a glowing mother-to-be. She
cradles her baby bump on the Modern

Red Carpet and looks like the happiest, most feminine woman in the
world. Her dress is spot on – it’s elegant, a little bit
revealing, and emphasizes her baby bump in a beautiful way.

Anne Hathaway | 10 Celebs Who Looked Flawless While Pregnant | Her Beauty


Lively somehow managed to look both posh and effortless in her
body-fitting dress and high heels. Seriously, you need to be a celeb
to pull a look like that during pregnancy! She looks gorgeous,
though, and beyond happy to be pregnant. That sunny dress is proof of

Blake Lively | 10 Celebs Who Looked Flawless While Pregnant | Her Beauty


we all like to wear a dress like that during pregnancy? Well, without
the pregnancy as well, but being able to show off your baby bump in a
lovely gown like that is something only celebs can do. Miranda Kerr
is beaming with happiness on the Red Carpet at the Gruner&Jahr
Spa Awards in Germany.

Miranda Kerr | 10 Celebs Who Looked Flawless While Pregnant | Her Beauty


Jolie admitted that pregnancy made her feel like a woman, as if all
the parts of her body suddenly started to make sense. Well, she
definitely looked great while pregnant and I can only applaud her
choice of dress. It’s feminine, romantic, and emphasizes her beauty
and pregnancy in a truly beautiful way.

Angelia Jolie | 10 Celebs Who Looked Flawless While Pregnant | Her Beauty

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