10 Celebs Who Changed Their Names

We often question celebrities. It’s quite common to hear rumors about whether some of them did or didn’t have plastic surgery, do they actually look like that or are they just good lighting and spanks and a great team of makeup artists and stylists. We’re pretty used to taking the whole Hollywood look with a grain of salt. But you know what most people rarely question? Celebrity names. We just sort of take them for granted unless they’re completely ridiculous. However, as long as they sound real we’re happy to believe that’s actually the name they’ve always had. But that’s rarely the case. Let’s take a look at some celebrities that changed their names.

1. Meghan Markle

We’re so used to Meghan Markle that we all found it pretty weird when he suddenly became the Duchess of Sussex. However, Meghan is probably used to changing names at this point. What’s actually interesting is that Meghan isn’t her actual first name, it’s her middle name. Meghan’s first name is actually Rachel, yup, just like the name of her famous character on Suits. Was that role destiny or what?

2. Diane Keaton

You probably know her best for playing Annie Hall. But did you know that Diane Keaton, as cool as that name sounds, isn’t actually her name? Diane’s real last name is Hall. Is that another coincidence or did Woody Allen call his character that after Diane?

3. Ralph Lauren

We all know this name and the man behind it. It’s a staple of the fashion industry. It’s a brand, it’s a symbol of good taste, it just sounds freaking cool, doesn’t it? Well, we’re pretty sure Ralph picked it for that reason, cause his actual last name isn’t’ Lauren, he was born Lifshitz, but that makes a pretty “shitz” brand name, am I right?

4. Gigi Hadid

Yeah, Gigi doesn’t sound like the most common name, and a lot of us kind of assumed that it’s either a nickname, a shortened version of a full name or perhaps that’s actually her name, after all, her mom is Dutch and her dad is Jordanian, maybe that’s a common name in one of those countries. But no, Gigi’s actual name is Jelena Noura Hadid, but her mom started calling her Gigi when she was a kid and it just stuck.

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