10 Biggest Fashion Trends That Will Rule 2020

Year 2020 has
only started, but the fashion world is already buzzing with new
trends and chic styles from the world’s biggest runways. We are
facing some major changes this year (the skirts are finally back!)
and a few trends are making a blazing comeback (neons, florals, and
more neons). Just wait till you see what they’ve done with leather
and the timeless polka dot! Here are 10 biggest fashion trends that
will rule 2020.

Glowing neons

Yep, neons are
back in the game, glowing on the runways like never before. Designers
like Tom Ford and Christopher John Rogers set their catwalks on fire
with bright oranges, blazing greens, and burning pinks. You might
think neon is a bit too much (which it is), but you should at least
give it a try. It does wonders for one’s confidence!

Bold florals

Florals are going
big in the upcoming year – quite literally! Bold floral patterns
and even bouquets are all over 2020 runway shows. The trend isn’t
new, but this time florals will do all the talking, so don’t go
overboard with accessories and styling – keep it simple. Designers
also suggest to go with the florals that aren’t bigger than the
palm of your hand.

puffed sleeves

This style is far
from new, but it just keeps coming back in various forms, creating
fascinating feminine looks on the runways. Designers admit it’s the
perfect styling hack to balance out your figure as puffed sleeves
make the rest of you look thinner (especially the waist). It’s
definitely something for all figure types!

Sleek western

Western wear was
really huge back in 2019, then it’s popularity dwindled, and now
it’s back in the game again! Especially the cowboy boots. Pair them
with flirty garments or simple dresses, wear them in summer, spring,
or autumn, and don’t forget to accessorise accordingly.

Fun colored

It’s time to
ditch your sad black leather jacket and opt for a more colourful and
fun dyed leather look. I’m talking not only about jackets, but also
about shirts, coats, and dresses. 2020 is the leathery year and
you’ll see it everywhere.



It’s all about
metallic, glitter, and sequins in 2020. Designers combine sparkly
materials to create simple silhouettes not only for evening wear, but
for casual style as well. There’s no need to wait for a special
occasion to get all wild and sparkly – you can do it every day!
Just remember that golds and bronzes go best with warm colours, while
grey and silver look especially good with navy blue and other cooler

Crocheted tops
and dresses

This late-60s
trend is back and it looks like nothing your grandma used to wear
back in the day! Well, maybe your grandma was hip and her dresses
looked the part, but rest assured that the new crochet trend will
bring you the most elegant and sophisticated designs. Crocheted
dresses, tops, and other clothing items are making their way into the
fashion market as we speak. If you’re crafty enough, you can create
your own unforgettable looks!


It’s time you
let your inner goddess out and accessorised to the maximum! Bangles,
hoops, and huge necklaces will be all the rage in 2020, and the more,
the better. Jewellery will definitely get bigger in size this year,
so make your choices wisely and try not to go too over the top with
your accessories (a little over the top is fine, though).

The ‘happy’
tangerine hue

2020 is all about
being bright, vibrant, and making a statement with your look. Maybe
that’s why the runways are dominated by shades of orange,
tangerine, and similar citrus colours. They are reminiscent of warm
places, vacations, and tropical escapes – all happy things, and
that’s exactly why so many designers are bringing this shade into
their runway shows.

Happy polka dots

Another style that will try to hit all your happy buttons this year is polka dot. Zendaya’s collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger brought the famous 70s style back (with a twist) and it’s here to stay. Be ready for some effortless chic dresses, sophisticated suits, and even accessories like hats and handbags.

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