10 Amusing Ariana Grande Facts


We all know Ariana Grande for her style, her famous hairstyle, her incredible vocal range and her unbelievably catchy songs. But there’s more to her than that. Her life is full of interesting stories, weird coincidences and some truly freaky things. From a celebrity encounter in her childhood that possibly set her on her career trajectory to her love of spooky things — here are 10 amusing facts about Ariana Grande that we think you should know.

1.Cat Conspiracy

Ariana’s name was actually
inspired by princess Oriana from Felix the Cat. She also played the character
named Cat in Victorious and later on in the spin-off Cat and Sam. But the funny
thing is, that even though so much of her life is influenced by cats she’s
actually allergic to cats.


Ariana loves dogs and she
has 10 of them and they’re all rescues. There’s Ophelia the Labradoodle, Fawkes
the Shiba Inu, Cinnamon the American Pit Bull Terrier, Coco the
Dachshund-German Shepherd, Lafayette the Bloodhound, Sirius another
Labradoodle, Strauss the Yorkshire Terrier, Pignoli the Chihuahua, Toulouse the
Beagle-Chihuahua, Myron the Pit Bull mix.


Ariana was only 8 years old
when she got the first big sign that she was going to do great things. She was
singing on a cruise ship and Gloria Estefan heard her, came up to her and told
her “You were meant to do this”. By now we know that she’s got an amazing voice
and has a four-octave vocal range which allows her to hit all the notes. But
what’s even more mindblowing is that she’s never had any formal training.


Sometimes it’s hard to find
something in common with your idol. You don’t look like them, you probably
can’t sing like Ariana and very few of us can have that many pets, but here’s
something easy – Ariana’s favourite cereal is Cocoa Puffs. A crowd favourite,
is it not?

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